Animal Rights

Animal Rights is fast becoming the leading social justice movement of our time. While largely ignored by mainstream media in America, it is exploding globally on social media and on the streets of cities around the world. Animal rights is premised on the belief that animals are entitled to their own lives, are not property, and do not exist to be exploited by humans for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical research, entertainment or for any other purpose. Animal rights has a growing focus on modern, industrialized animal agriculture because factory farms and slaughterhouses are where tens of billions of animals are being violently, routinely abused and murdered in a system of institutionalized sadism.

“‘Humane’ Meat Is a LIE. Animals Still Suffer and DIE!” Is These Protesters Message!

  Protesters demonstrate outside supermarket chain to show people there is no such thing as "humane" meat, dairy, or eggs. Their message: "There is no right way to do the wrong thing!" The Haunting - Portland: Humane Murder Is A Lie Direct Action Everywhere -...

‘Vegan World 2026!’ Kickoff At Zen Nights Block Party!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at the street party kickoff to the #VeganWorld2026 conference in Mesa, Arizona at the amazing Zen Nights, a monthly vegan event taking place in Downtown Mesa, Arizona, hosted by Nadia Khalighi Tucker and Will Tucker. One of the creators of the...

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