Animal Rights

Animal Rights is fast becoming the leading social justice movement of our time. While largely ignored by mainstream media in America, it is exploding globally on social media and on the streets of cities around the world. Animal rights is premised on the belief that animals are entitled to their own lives, are not property, and do not exist to be exploited by humans for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical research, entertainment or for any other purpose. Animal rights has a growing focus on modern, industrialized animal agriculture because factory farms and slaughterhouses are where tens of billions of animals are being violently, routinely abused and murdered in a system of institutionalized sadism.

“Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk” Say Vegans At Women’s March!

Portland kicked off Women's History Month with a women’s right’s march and rally where vegan animal rights protesters joined in to be a voice for all the mothers and babies exploited for dairy. So many women were receptive to making the connection and took pictures of...

Will Portland Be The Next City To Ban Fur?

LIVE at their fur ban kick-off, Compassionate PDX tells us how they're going to join California other Compassionate Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco in getting the sale of fur banned in Portland! Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained News Network....

Ban Fur In Portland And Eat Fab Vegan Food!

LIVE at Compassionate PDX’s Fur-Free Happy Hour petition-signing and celebration to BAN FUR in Portland, Oregon! We're at the fabulous No Bones Beach Club - PDX. Joining us is musician and animal rights advocate Daniel Redwoodand farm animal sanctuary...

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