Animal Rights

Animal Rights is fast becoming the leading social justice movement of our time. While largely ignored by mainstream media in America, it is exploding globally on social media and on the streets of cities around the world. Animal rights is premised on the belief that animals are entitled to their own lives, are not property, and do not exist to be exploited by humans for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical research, entertainment or for any other purpose. Animal rights has a growing focus on modern, industrialized animal agriculture because factory farms and slaughterhouses are where tens of billions of animals are being violently, routinely abused and murdered in a system of institutionalized sadism.

Feces-Covered Cows Standing In Urine Headed To Slaughter!

The overwhelming stench of burning blood in the heart of beef country - that’s what activists say we’re smelling, and it’s wretched. Their message: If eating meat is a choice, why would you choose to be cruel? These cows don't deserve this. We're out with Northern...

Drivers Get An Eyeful From Highway Overpass!

Bold and brave activists drop several animal rights banners over from busy highway overpass in the heart of downtown Denver as weekenders were returning to the city end of Sunday. Fantastic exposure in both directions! Banners: "End Speciesism", Be kind to animals",...

Pro Animal Ag College Student On Climate Change!

Hear what this self-described "far right of the far right" pro animal agriculture sociology student says about climate change and what we need to do about it. Activists leafleting and  spreading the vegan message to college students using the climate change approach -...

Fishing Isn’t Peaceful For The Victims!

Colorado Animal Save activists speaking out against the abuse of fishes at popular fishing pond. "Family time" fishing means destroying other families. Fish feel pain, just like us! Dani Rukin in Colorado reporting for #JaneUnChained News.  

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