Animal Rights

Animal Rights is fast becoming the leading social justice movement of our time. While largely ignored by mainstream media in America, it is exploding globally on social media and on the streets of cities around the world. Animal rights is premised on the belief that animals are entitled to their own lives, are not property, and do not exist to be exploited by humans for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical research, entertainment or for any other purpose. Animal rights has a growing focus on modern, industrialized animal agriculture because factory farms and slaughterhouses are where tens of billions of animals are being violently, routinely abused and murdered in a system of institutionalized sadism.

It’s a Long Road Ahead: Locals Throw Chicken Breasts at Protestors in Portland.

Locals throw fried chicken breasts from their cars at demonstrators holding a 24 hour vigil outside slaughterhouse for the 150,000 chickens who meet their demise here every day after living agonizing lives. @Portland Animal Save and Kelso Chicken Save holding a 24...

Sea Shepherd Chef: Saving Sea Animals and Making Salads!

  #LunchBreakLIVE features Holladay Allen of VegUp, The Nutrition App for Vegans and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Holladay is a lead chef for Sea Shepherd and is traveling after this #LunchBreakLIVE to board the The RV Martin Sheen to volunteer on the three...

You Can Help End Dog Meat Forever!

JaneUnChained was LIVE outside LA’s South Korean consulate, at a Last Chance for Animals (LCA) protest with Hollywood icon Kim A. Basinger against South Korea’s horrific dog meat season underway NOW!

YOU can end the horror! Just sign this government sponsored petition:
We need 13,000 more signatures by 7/23 to guarantee a reply. Just click on link, scroll to bottom, click on blue square, go in through Facebook, a page will pop up, scroll down and click on the white rectangle square at the bottom, then click on blue square to the right of it. Voila, a confirmation in Korean will pop up! Watch this video instructions if you have questions:

VeganEvan: The Kid Animal Rights Activist Who Is Wiser than Most Adults!!!

#LunchBreakLIVE with VeganEvan - Animal Hero!!! At first glance, he may appear to be just another cute kid, but he is so much more! The 7 year old, award winning activist/rapper, his mom Shannon, and grandma Lynn joined us for a lunch of Tofurky with Follow Your Heart...

Au Lac Restaurant: Upscale Plant-based Restaurant Bringing the Activist Community Together!

  #JaneUnChained LIVE as dozens of animal activists gather at Au Lac DTLA, a gourmet vegan restaurant! These activists are engaged in a weekly meet-up dinner prior to going to a pig slaughterhouse 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles! There they will bear witness to...

There are no Holidays for Protesters on the Front Lines of Animal Rights Activism

 50 activists came out on 4th of July to show mercy to the pigs. Video: Jane Valez-Mitchell   #JaneUnChained LIVE attended a vigil organized by Animal Alliance Network (AAN) at a pig slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles! July 4th Fireworks add to the terror these...

Vegan State-Of-The-Art ‘Slaughterhouse’ In the Heart Of Oregon!

 People, animals, and the environment BEFORE profit? Who does this?? Tofurky does, and business is booming! Lip-smacking food that makes animals, people, and the planet happy. See how their "pasture-raised" plants 😁are turned into sausages as we tour their...

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