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Fur is dead…but what about the rest?

Vegan fashion is hot, especially when it’s cold. Wearing a big fur coat was once a statement of elegance, status, stature—everyone has a grandma who couldn’t wait to pass down her mink. But today, it’s the quickest route to being socially cancelled! Despite the narrative around fur shifting drastically in recent years, the fashion industry has a long way to go in terms of taking animals fully out of the equation.  Leather, feathers, cashmere, down, and other animal products are extremely common in fashion, with many individuals being wholly unaware of the pain that goes into the production of these products. However, consumers are waking up to the essentially of making ethical vegan clothing purchases.

Runway show at Vegan Fashion Week in LA.

Protests Against Fur Trim Sweep Big Apple!

LIVE in NYC! Anti-fur protesters want to make fur history: “Canada goose has blood on their hands!” Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained News. Canada Goose is invited on any time to respond to the protesters.

Bunnies Want Fur Banned In Portland, Already!!

In Defense of Animals joins Portland in sending out the “Go Fur Free” message with massive video outreach on moving truck with a call to action: call Portland Mayor Tom Wheeler's office at 503-823-4120 and tell him to ban fur in Portland! Dani Rukin in Portland...

US Congressman Goes All Out For Animals!

Keynote speaker and true public servant, Congressman Earl Blumenauer kicking off the 27th annual Animal Law Conference! He is a true champion for animals: throughout his over 20 years in Congress, has focused on protecting wild and domestic animals, as well as the...

Groundbreaking Laws for Animals Passed & Exciting News for JaneUnchained!

JaneUnChained LIVETALK coming to you on Voice America Radio and Facebook Simulcast. The world is changing! California Bans the Sale of Fur & Animals in Circuses! The panel discussion features Carissa Krantz, Vegan Attorney of BevVeg, Melissa Breslow of The Open...

Say “I Do” to Compassion in this Hidden Oasis!

  JaneUnChained LIVE with Daniella, founder of The Kind Bride, who is one of the organizers of The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique. This is an all-vegan, eco-friendly pop-up boutique. Hedda Leonardi owner of The Bel Air Treehouse, the event venue. Did you know the...

“Fur Is Dead” In Toronto!

#JaneUnchained is LIVE at Eaton’s Centre Mall in the heart of Toronto as activists from the Animal Liberation Toronto Conference and Fur Free Toronto are calling down the high fashion of fur. The whole mall was then put on complete lockdown causing shoppers trapped...

F.A.K.E. Movement Founder Makes Moroccan Fish!

LunchbreakLIVE features a gourmet "fish" dish with extra firm tofu substituted for the fish. The result is visually stunning and delicious. Jonathan Yoni Ohayon is a master in the kitchen. He learned his cooking in Paris under the guidance of his mom. Now, he's...

John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder John Paul Mitchell Systems, Shares Inspiring Words on Being a Billionaire AND Doing Good

Co-Founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, including Paul Mitchell Hair Products, and the Patron Spirits Company, John Paul DeJoria sits down with host of the Awesome Vegans Podcast and Video Series, Elysabeth Alfano.   From his personal residence, John Paul shares...

“This Is F*’d Up!” Coyotes Suffer For Fur Trim!

Is Portland ready for a fur ban?  If these Portlanders' responses reflect the general sentiment then Portland is on track to ban this horrifically cruel, profit-driven industry. Compassionate Portland animal activists say, “fur doesn’t belong here!” and the passerbys...

Watch Jane on TMZ Responding to Rapper’s Fur Coat!

JaneUnChained with Jane Velez-Mitchell chiming in on TMZ LIVE with Harvey Levin talking about the move to ban fur sales in New York, New York! Jane Velez-Mitchell takes on pro-fur rapper Safaree who is promoting animal torture as a way to get publicity for his music....

Sustainability & less cruelty please!

 As sustainability in fashion becomes an essential consideration in the eyes of consumers, the industry is forced to reckon with the impact of animal products on the planet. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 3.8 billion bovines are raised and killed for leather annually, which requires massive amounts of land, food, and other resources to support the painful lives of the beings exploited for industry.  Wasted water, the energy to operate factories and the transport trucks, and the cruel conditions that the human workers and non-human beings are placed in makes wearing animal products a lot less cute than their synthetic alternatives.

 Vegetable leather for all weather!

 The alternatives are beautiful, fun, and innovate. How cool does mushroom leather  sound? Chemical free, soft, waterproof, but most importantly, a sentient being wasn’t forced to suffer. If that’s not cool enough, pineapple leather. teak leaves, and hemp might be just the cure for fashion’s unhealthy habit of murdering innocent beings in the name of clothing. As high fashion begins to take notice of the consumer demand for alternatives.

 Jane Unchained is here to keep you up to date on vegan fashion. We’re certainly much more comfortable when we learn to embrace our own skin.

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