Vegan Pan-Asian Gem In The Heart Of The Pacific Northwest!

LIVE on #LunchBreakLIVE! Pom poko ramen with soft ‘egg’, Lan Zhou ‘beef’ noodles, ‘minced ‘pork’-filled dumplings, ‘shrimp’ cakes, and more! Chef/owner, Cyrus Ichiza, shares how his life-long passion for pan-Asian culture inspired him to artfully recreate traditional...

Brown Sugar Bistro’s Vegan Fat Tuesday Pop-Up Dinner!

Chef Sakile, visual storyteller and food enthusiast, serving delicious seasonal foods like red pepper and sweet potato soup, truffle fried okra, Cajun red beans and quinoa corn salad, mini grilled eggplant po'boy with okra etouffee, and caramel cake, that taste like...

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