USB Certification has been auditing the conformity in accordance with the national and international standards and doing the certification for those standards for more than 20 years aiming to increase the competitiveness and make it sustainable with international accreditations, authorities, representatives, solution partners, experts and experienced professional staff.

USB Certification body enrolls in the accredited BeVeg vegan program.

The USB authorization process in the vegan product certification program has been completed and USB Certification is now authorized by the World’s first and only ISO 17065 accredited BeVeg Vegan Global Trademark in food and beverage programs.

“Vegan quality assurance is the key driver in the food supply chain, which impacts the sustainability of your business and the marketability of your products” USB Certification

BeVeg is the world’s leading vegan certification company, which is ISO accredited and recognized by the world accreditation forum for its internationally accredited vegan standard. BeVeg is accredited under ISO 17065 as a published vegan standard for vegan conformity assessment.

BeVeg, as a law firm, exists to raise the vegan standard for consumer transparency, requiring companies that apply to disclose all ingredients, processes and trade secrets and be subject to audits and lab tests. Since the word “vegan” is not regulated by any law, BeVeg has defined a global vegan standard to keep vegan claims honest and legally accountable.

The BeVeg vegan certification program is the gold standard for global vegan certification, with worldwide trademark protection, and representation on six continents globally.