Mama’s Biscuits, America’s first ready-to-eat biscuit company, officially launched the first certified vegan buttermilk biscuit to hit the Publix grocery chain store shelves.

Mama’s Biscuits was founded by Lesley Riley in 2015 as a gourmet biscuit company. Ms. Riley took her scrumptious southern style homemade biscuits to a new level when she pivoted her business to meet vegan demand. “I knew there was a vegan demand, when I first invented the vegan version of our buttermilk biscuit, but I am thrilled that Publix sees that demand, too,” says Ms. Riley. “I can attest it tastes just like the dairy version and there is no trade on flavor and much less cholesterol. I enjoy daring my friends to try it. My goal is to make the vegan version easily accessible for the interested consumer.”

Mama’s Biscuits is certified vegan by BeVeg International, the world’s leading vegan certification firm. The BeVeg vegan global trademark acts as a stamp of approval for those who care about sustainability, social responsibility, and no animal exploitation. Any product that carries the BeVeg vegan logo trademark meets the strictest standards of vegan safety and compliance. BeVeg is ISO 17065 and 17067 accredited by the National Accreditation Center as the first and only accredited vegan standard in the world.

Besides being certified vegan, perhaps ​the most amazing part about these biscuits is that they are ready-to-eat in a few minutes. Mama’s Biscuits is now available at ​publix stores and direct from ​