#BREAKING: More Vegan Restaurants Have Opened During COVID Than Have Closed!

Can't find something vegan? HappyCow Vegan Guide to the rescue! Ken Spector, Principal at Happy Cow, dishes with Elysabeth Alfano, host of the Plantbased Business Hour on the global restaurant trends and the explosion of vegan options. Tune in to keep your finger on the pulse of the quickly expanding plant-based restaurant scene – even during COVID! SHARE this video to SHARE these incredible vegan stats! PLUS, a surprise taste test of the NEW Beyond Fried Chicken from Beyond Meat and Kentucky Fried Chicken! Follow Elysabeth at Elysabeth Alfano: Radio Show & Awesome Vegans Podcast/Video Series Host#plantbasedbusinesshour #plantbasedbusiness #happycow #foodapp #foodporn #kenspector #veganrestaurants #restaurantbusiness #qsr #quickserverestaurants #business #kfc #beyondmeat

Posted by Elysabeth Alfano on Thursday, July 23, 2020



AMAZING NEWS! More vegan restaurants opened than closed during COVID-19! In an interview with Elysabeth Alfano on the Plantbased Business Hour, Happy Cow Principal Ken Spector revealed that the vegan restaurant scene continues to expand despite the pandemic. His research found that while 413 vegan venues have closed since March, 517 have opened. The impact of COVID-19 on the food sector is undeniable. Yet, the market for vegan restaurants and foods remains strong.



Spector explained that the U.S. and England had gained vegan restaurants since March. Specifically, 25 restaurants closed in England, but 44 opened.  88 restaurants closed in the U.S, but a whopping 99 opened. This shocking news comes when many restaurants aren’t even doing anything other than take-out business! The short clip above explains restaurant openings and closures.

In addition, new data from the Plant-Based Food Association shows positive growth in the plant-based foods sector. Plant-based meat sales were up 148%, plant-based cheeses were up 95%, and tofu/temp sales rose by 88% over last year. These numbers reflect a larger trend towards plant-based eating and veganism. Similarly, more and more restaurants around the world are carrying vegan options which has led in part to Germany becoming the largest exporter of vegan products. 

As the plant-based meat market grows, Ken discussed how placement in the supermarket still matters. He explained that moving plant-based meats to the meat section results in an increase in sales. “Consumers purchased 23% more plant-based meat products under this approach of moving the vegan meats into the traditional meat section.” Looking ahead, Ken predicted that vegan cheese will take a big leap forward in the next three to five years — becoming almost identical to real cheese in taste, texture and meltability. He also disclosed his thoughts on vegan seafood and the 10 best cities for vegan tourists. 

In a fun clip, Ken and Elysabeth share their Top 10 Responses to Pushy Meat Eaters below.

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