She’s won an OSCAR, a GRAMMY, an EMMY, and THREE Golden Globes, yet music icon Cher tweets that kaavan’s release is, “ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE!” LIVE on The Animal Hour with Dani Rukin, The Daring Vegan on #JaneUnChainedNews Pakistan’s High Court has officially declared Kaavan the elephant is FREE!!

THANK YOU @Cher (Twitter) Thank you powerhouse Anika Sleem for your #TeamKaavan and tireless work, NEVER giving up on kaavan and pushing us all to stay vocal and be his voice. Thank you Free The Wild for your commitment and dedication to this campaign and seeing it through to THE END!!

Kaavan, “Pakistan’s Loneliest Elephant” is going to sanctuary!


Protestors at Islamabad Zoo: Free Kaavan


March 2020 – Kaavan stuck in moat overnight.


Breaking news: Pakistan’s High Court decision to free Kaavan.


Mark Cowne and Gina Kruger, co-founders, along with Cher, of Free The Wild, a non-profit working to stop the suffering of wild animals in captivity around the world.

Anika Sleem, activist and founder of Team Kaavan

Canadian-borne of Pakistani origin, Anika Sleem, founder of Team Kaavan, devoted to fight for Kaavan’s release, has been a tireless campaigner, building a powerful network of contacts in both government and on the ground in Pakistan. Anika returned to Pakistan after 30 years to join Mark Cowne in negotiating Kaavan’s release. Anika is also a trustee with Free The Wild. Thank you, Anika for never giving up!

Cher tweeting about Mark Cowne’s visit to the Islamabad Zoo and meeting Kaavan for the first time. 2016


Free Kaavan movement: 2015-2020


Cher, co-founder, along with Mark Cowne and Gina Kruger, of Free The Wild, the organization that was able to secure Kaavan’s release.


Mark Cowne and Anika Sleem meeting with Pakistani officials in Islamabad.



Activists all over the world participated in the #FreeKaavan campaign.


#FreeKaavan sparked a global movement that included social media candlelight vigils.