LULAC, which stands for the League of United Latin American Citizens, is urging consumers to boycott meat in protest of the horrific treatment of slaughterhouse workers, many of whom are Latino immigrants, during the coronavirus pandemic. Slaughterhouses have become hotbeds of COVID-19 infections. According to a CBS News report, dated May 14th, “an ongoing investigation found that 14,000 confirmed coronavirus cases are tied to 181 meat processing plants across the U.S., and at least 54 employees have died.” LULAC believes the numbers could be even higher. Nevertheless, President Trump, using the Defense Protection Act, has deemed slaughterhouses “critical Infrastructure” and demanded slaughterhouses remain open, essentially forcing workers to go into jobs that could kill them, even though – obviously – meat is not an essential product. Millions of people have actually gotten healthier on a meatless diet. Indeed, one could argue that eating animals is the problem since the virus is believed to have stemmed from a wet animal slaughter market. Now, check out this JaneUnChained interview with Joe Enriquez Henry, a top LULAC official who is based in Iowa, on the many reasons Americans need to move away from meat.

Representatives from any slaughterhouses, or from any sector of the meat industry, are invited on any time to respond.

slaughterhouse workers

LULAC provided this photo as an example of workers inside a slaughterhouse and the difficulty of social distancing.

pigs on the way to slaughter

Killing this innocent, baby pig is absolutely not essential to anyone’s survival.


Slaughterhouse workers on a line.

Slaughterhouse workers on a line.