#CORONAVIRUS era solutions: grow your own food anywhere, even in your apartment!

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Be your own mini-farmer with your own mini-farmer’s market! This product is mind-blowingly brilliant!

The fancy title for this is… the hydroponic farm stand. But, it’s really an attractive vase that can grow lots of veggies, without chemicals, and allow you to pluck them and eat them, ensuring you will never go without food no matter what madness envelops this world. There are three sizes to choose from. Learn more as we interview head honcho Jacob Pechenik.

This product is needed today more than ever, with millions at home in isolation, supply chains breaking down, fresh veggies held hostage by delivery companies that seem to be unable to give one a delivery date or time. Even when the fresh produce is delivered, it’s often wrapped in plastic, which can be contaminated.

Why endure the risk and the hassle of relying on others in this turbulent time? You never need to experience food anxiety again. The genius of LettuceGrow.com is that its products are very easy to use. You do NOT need a green thumb! Just follow the simple instructions. If you’re like me, and prefer to watch videos instead of having to read, then just watch the short and comprehensive instructional videos the company provides! It’s a win, win. And, it’s fun. What a conversation piece for your next virtual dinner party! Hopefully, one day down the road, you will be able to have an actual dinner party and serve the veggies you grew yourself. Now, that’s an ice breaker!

large hydroponic plant grower in backyard

Here is the extremely decorative large size Lettuce Grow planter in someone’s backyard. It produces more veggies than a traditional backyard garden!

head of the company

LettuceGrow.com mastermind Jacob Pechenik has got a fascinating story!

showing how the seedlings go into the vase.

This photo shows how easy it is to put the seedlings into the planter. You do NOT need a green thumb!