JaneUnChained at Besties Vegan Paradise going LIVE for their cool Pop-Up Sunday experience! Kelly’s Croutons and the Fresh Fruit Co. truck are giving out samples of their yummy products! BESTIES regularly hosts different food vendors and pop-ups, supporting other small vegan businesses!

BESTIES is truly a one-of-a-kind store!

Welcome to BESTIES Vegan Paradise! This is the one-stop vegan shop of your dreams! That’s just what BESTIES owners, Alison, Matt, and Asia did when they came up with the idea to open up this amazing grocery store. Their dream was to bring amazing vegan and plant-based products from companies that only sell vegan plant-based products. This gives their customers a sense of pride as they shop here and they help support the veganomy (vegan+economy) with every dollar spent! Their mission is “equality and justice” for all beings and they believe in selling products that are better for the environment. Make your dollars count and support a small business that is putting ethics first before profits!

Matt and Asia pose with the cash register they built with Alison!

These amazing vegan entrepreneurs are also spreading good vibes into the community as they support local activism with their donations! The past few months they have been collecting donations for the nonprofit activist group Animal Alliance Network to help them in their endeavors to stop the suffering of animals. They also held a Friendsgiving event recently to show appreciation for activists. On top of it all, Matt, Asia, and Alison also regularly attend the weekly pig vigils held by this group outside of a slaughterhouse near downtown Los Angeles where activists give baby pigs water and love. These real-life besties are truly a blessing to the community! Make sure to check out BESTIES Vegan Paradise the next time you are in the Los Angeles/East Hollywood area and pick up some of their hard to find vegan specialty products!

BESTIES is JaneUnchained recommended! Check out their cool custom bags!