A mother’s love.

LIVE! Helen, the bison, may not have her eyesight but she’s got a heart of gold! Italo is a male calf and a product of the dairy industry. His fate was slaughter after birth, but he was a lucky rescue. He was brought to Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary and, at just a few weeks old was introduced to Helen and they have not been apart since. It’s been almost a year. “Mother and son” sharing a watermelon together! Dani Rukin in The Pacific Northwest reporting for #JaneUnChained News.


Italo with Gwenn Jakubisin who runs Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, along with her husband, Peter Jakubisin. They work 24/7.

When you’re trying to report a story and a 1,500 lb blind bison is following you around as if you have watermelon stuffed in your pockets.