CEO of Lightlife and Field Roast, Dan Curtin, Sits Down with Elysabeth Alfano

Contributor Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast & Video Series sits down in Chicago with CEO of Greenleaf Foods (Lightlife Field Roast), Dan Curtin for an understanding of the business moves to come for these critical brands! Lifelight has been leading the plant-based way for 40 years and Field Roast for 23 years! Now as Greenleaf Foods they are preparing to change the industry for the long-term! Listen in!

Posted by Jane Unchained News on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Awesome Vegans Podcast and Interview Series host, Elysabeth Alfano, sits down with CEO Dan Curtin of Greenleaf Foods, home to Lightlife and Field Roast.  The two discuss the challenges and excitement of astounding growth, the incredible history (40 years for Lightlife and 23 for Field Roast) of both companies and how these companies created the foundation for the current plant-based movement.  Plus, Dan shares his predictions for the future.

Dan also outlines the $310M investment into what is to be the largest plant-based only production facility in North America.  The 230,000 square foot facility will be up and running in 2020 in Shelbyville, Indiana and will create 460 jobs.  GREAT news!

Watch to get a sense for the direction and purpose of these two pillar companies of the plant-based movement.

Elysabeth Alfano and CEO of Greenleaf Foods, Dan Curtin