Farmer’s son goes from slaughtering animals to becoming an animal rights activist after suffering unbearable grief from growing up killing and eating the animals they raised and loved. He and his twin brother were given axes at 5 years old to kill their bunnies and chickens while dad killed the larger animals – pigs, goats, and cows. Ron wants all farmers and ranchers to know they don’t have to keep killing their animals or sending them to slaughter. Any farmer or rancher can contact the Rancher Advocacy Program to get support for transitioning out of the business of raising animals for food. Even his dad is now transitioning to a more plant-based diet with his son’s help. Ron recently gifted his dad the Engine 2 Plant-Strong cookbook created by vegan firefighters and dad is loving it! It’s never too late to live your life in alignment with your values of love, kindness, and compassion. Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained News at the Animal Liberation Conference.

Farmer’s son, Ron McGill and JNN reporter, Dani Rukin.