Episode Eight of The Vegan Wrap with Elysabeth Alfano, Kenziah Rubens, and Gwenna Hunter gets off to a juicy start with Del Taco and then breaks down the weekly news.  Impossible Foods gets $300M (thanks to Trevor Noah, Will.i.am and Serena Williams) and rolls out the Whopper in Montgomery, Alabama, and Columbia, Georgia.  The three talk show hosts dissect why this might be.    Aleph Farms gets $12M pushing them into the race to get to market first for Clean Meat.

Will NYC go fur-free?  Tim Gunn says yes and so does Jane Velez-Mitchell, while a certain PR stunt falls apart. The Big Bang is ending leaving Kenziah with a broken heart, luckily Piers Morgan is there for comic relief. The three dish on Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chick-Fil-A and “wrap” up with their weekly shout-outs and some spinach ice cream.


The Vegan Wrap: Ep 8. A Weekly Show Breaking Down the Vegan News!

OH how we get into it. will.i.am Serena Williams Trevor Noah, Popeye and NYC going No Fur? Yeah, let’s break it down. Join Kenziah Rubens, Gwenna Hunter and Elysabeth Alfano for this week’s Vegan Wrap!

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Saturday, May 18, 2019


Kenziah Rubens, Elysabeth Alfano, and Gwenna Hunter enjoying vegan Del Tacos and a Cheers for all things vegan!