If this spread doesn’t look like a treasure, we don’t know what does!

We’ve found a hidden gem in Los Angeles! Join us for LunchbreakLIVE at the delicious plant-based restaurant, Jewel, serving up scrumptious gluten-free comfort food in a friendly 70’s style neighborhood spot with owners Jasmine Shimoda and Sharky Mcgee. Social media influencers Nicole Marie Derseweh and Kenziah Rubens as well as Animal Alliance Network organizer Ellen Dent, Cesar Asebedo organizer for March of Silence, and our very own Jane Velez-Mitchell!

These two are as lovely as their restaurant and their food!

Jasmine and her wife Sharky created this restaurant to show people that they can eat vegan food without sacrificing anything. They are both from New York and they both have a background in fine dining. They decided to take their experience and put a plant-based twist on food in their restaurant. Jasmin says she uses her culinary skills to make food through a “plant-based lens.”  We could not be happier to see a restaurant like this offering gorgeous, palette-satisfying, plant-based offerings for everyone!

This salad has a all the flavor with coconut bacon topping without the cruelty!

Maybe the food here isn’t actually made of jewels, but it sure looks that way upon first glance. The colors of every dish are captivating, and each meal is packed with a full load of nutritional benefits for your body. Jane says her mind is blown and the food looks art! Paige and Jane both describe it as wedding food, so keep Jewel in mind for your special occasions because they cater too. The food is also as delicious as it looks, and it’s also packed with flavor!  Jasmine and Sharky have definitely made a restaurant full of treasures in Los Angeles near the Silver Lake Area, with their restaurant, Jewel.  Everyone vegan or not will love eating the edible jewels that are offered here. Stop by Jewel today when you’re in the area!

Looks like Cesar and Nicole got a peak in the treasure box. Oohs and ahhs all around!

Paige Parsons Roache reports LIVE for JaneUnChained.com

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell and Kenziah Rubens.

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Drop by and try Kenziah’s pick, their signature Jewel Box.

Don’t forget their unbelievably delicious desserts made in house! Yum!

Jane poses for a pic with the amazing owners of this restaurant, Sharky and Jasmine!

Paige, Ellen, Cesar, and Nicole are all smiles with vegan food like this!

Save some for us Cesar!