HUGE THRILL! Correspondent Elysabeth Alfano brings another episode of Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast/Vlogs from Chicago interviewing Head of Cardiology of Rush Medical Center and former President of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Kim Williams!

Dr. Kim Williams is the real deal!

“We have an expert in the house,” Elizabeth exclaims proudly. Dr. Williams tells us the seven characteristics of overall health people should have. Only three percent of the young American population tested, actually had all seven of these characteristics. We are in trouble as a society. Dr. Williams explains that people can utilize technology and even download an application or visit a website that can help them gauge their heart health risks. He also explains that the best way to safeguard your heart health is with your diet. He encourages people to avoid eating animal products and transition to a whole foods plant-based diet. He also explains that it is our duty to take care of ourselves to benefit our communities and preserve healthcare for all. By eating a plant-based diet and taking care of our health we are helping everyone in our country and beyond. Express your patriotism and put your hand over your healthy heart by going vegan today!

Elysabeth and Dr. Williams are all healthy vegan smiles!


Elysabeth Alfano reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network!
Photos courtesy of Elysabeth Alfano