Ellie Laks & Jay L Weiner from The Gentle Barn talk about their newest Gentle Barn locations and going national, while Chef Jay cooks a very special meal. This week our host Antoinette Westcott is kept far away from the kitchen and she FINALLY won’t burn or spill anything everywhere on One Veggie At A Time.

Antoinette, Prabhat Gautam, and Ellie pose for a pic in front of a beautiful cow painting.

Ellie and Jay have been vegan for 19 years! While Jay is cooking up a vegan meal, Antoinette and Ellie begin a routine spoiling session that happens nightly for all the animals in the sanctuary. First, they give the cows nighttime cookies and caresses. Ellie explains that they take in animals that no one else wants. Many of which are rescued from the slaughterhouse or animal agriculture farms. Antoinette shows how gentle these creatures are when she jumps the fence and gets into their corral with them. These cows have their individual personalities, and they express their dismay when they don’t get their cookies. Next, Ellie shows Antoinette how they tuck in the pigs at night with blankets and tummy rubs. Ellie also shows Antoinette how to flirt with “Earl” the emu. The animals at this sanctuary are some sort of spoiled, and Ellie explains that they deserve it all. Antoinette and Ellie return to be spoiled with a gourmet vegan meal from Chef Jay. Even the human animals are spoiled at this sanctuary! Come spoil the animals in person at the Gentle Barn nearest to you, take a tour, or sponsor individual animals with the link below!


Photos courtesy of Josh Goldstein.