#JaneUnChained #LIVE as Robbie Balenger runs through the city of Fontana, outside of Los Angeles, California, on his 2nd day of his 75 days running across America PLANT-POWERED!! Sponsored by the brand NadaMoo and part of the Switch4Good Campaign, we are here capturing his 2nd stop on 3,200 mile run to New York City! Leaving from the Huntington Beach Pier yesterday, with an incredible send-off from the team at Switch4Good, headed by founder Olympian Dotsie Bausch and best-selling author and Ultra Runner Rich Roll, his journey will take him running 3,200 miles, through Arizona, New Mexico, and continuing.

This whole team is ready to run cross country!

Robbie and his team are on a mission to show the world that you don’t need meat or animal products to run across the country on foot! He wants to let people know that they can save the world just by their food choices. Robbie says not to be hard on yourself. “Every plant-based meal that you choose is a victory.” He explains just by eating vegan meals new habits are formed and you become a better version of yourself. We also get a sneak peek in the trailer of what Robbie eats and drinks to fuel his journey. Show Robbie and his team support by following his journey with the links below!

Thank you Nada Moo and Switch4Good for sponsoring this amazing example of vegan athleticism!

Follow Robbie’s progress on Strava Club. 


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Follow his journey on his Instagram page and find out more on Robbie’s Facebook Page.

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Paige Parsons Roache reporting live for JaneUnChained.com!