#JaneUnChained #VeganSanDiego #DowntownSanDiego live in downtown San Diego, California at the newly opened Choice Juicery in Little Italy with owner Nastasha McKeon, one of the local Vegan Ladyboss’ members, along with Ana Levley, a seven year vegan who heads up the Vegan Business Exchange, an international grassroots organization that supports vegan businesses.

With three other successful locations in the San Diego area, Carlsbad, California + Solana Beach, California + Del Sur, this awesomely organic-organically awesome juice bar is the only 100% VEGAN restaurant in downtown SD and business is booming. Not only are they vegan, they are also organic and sustainable. They don’t believe in serving pesticide cocktails and they don’t use plastic containers, only glass. Nastasha shares the latest business trends with us.

Launching her new pro-vegan LBGTQ forward book “Beasts; Beginning of the End, Vol.1”, Ana shares her book with us, which is written through the perspective of the character Atlia 1000 years from now. Atlia writes a future that’s seemingly utopian, but hides a dark bloody secret. Her story was inspired by veganism but it is for everyone to read. She and her husband have also started the Vegan Business exchange, where they promote activism through commerce. There are so many ways to promote your activism and offering vegan products is one of them.

Choice Juicery is definitely a business that promotes veganism and compassion to all living beings while you are compassionate to your body by eating and drinking organic juices and foods. This is a wonderful place and the only completely vegan place in Downtown San Diego so please support vegan women-owned business and stop by when you’re in town!


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Get your copy of “Beasts,” by Ana Levley here!


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Paige Parsons Roache reports for JaneUnChained.com


Choice Juicery is you one stop shop for organic, vegan, sustainable options in Downtown San Diego!


The relaxed clean interior will invites you into the shop.


Thee ae t shirts in these jars. Too cool!


Make sure to pick up your copy of Beasts and come to a book signing for Ana if you can! 🙂


This place definitely has the San Diego beach city vibe.


Be kind, compassionate, and sustainable. Great mantra for everyone!


 Ana and her husband Jonathon pose for a cute pic with their doggy! See you soon at Choice Juicery!