#JaneUnChained LIVE at the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Justice for Animals gala at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Two amazing local activists, Kim Delgado King and Ms. Vanessa Marsot MFT, talk to our reporter Patrizia Barretto about ALDF.org’s amazing legal team and the court battles they win for animals! Support ALDF.org

Vanessa is here to show her support for this organization and the amazing work they do for the animals. She mentions one particular lawsuit where the horse was the plaintiff in a case concerning neglect. Kim Delgado is a long time supporter of ALDF. She also helps organize the National Animal Rights Day which was in 32 different cities including Los Angeles. She also works with Dr. Armaiti May, who is helping with research and initiatives to support vegan dog food. She urges everyone to keep choosing vegan options whenever and wherever they can.

Vanessa is also opening Ellora Wellness Center where they are open to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle and compassionate community in which to grow.  They sell vegan organic clothing as well. Organic clothing is better for your skin, because your skin is porous and absorbs chemicals in clothing, Vanessa explains. She is developing organic workout gear using plant-based materials and they are even designing wedding dresses! Join Vanessa in her vegan and organic clothing revolution by visiting Ellora Wellness today!

For a final word, Vanessa encourages people to eat whole foods, avoid oils, and avoid processed foods. She also says people should avoid food packaging because it creates waste and there can be animal byproducts in the packaging. According to Vanessa, if your diet consists mostly beans and quinoa, you can live so happily on those two staples alone. Kim adds the famous quote from Patty Shenker, “Peace begins on your plate.”

Now, head inside the gala and see the video of the speakers below!

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Justice for Animals LA gala is a smash hit! Here’s the finale with the packed audience cheering the strides made by this extraordinary team of legal minds fighting in the courtroom, and beyond, for animals! Unfortunately, “speciesism” is still the norm when it comes to non-human animals and the legal system. Animals are still considered property.  ALDF challenges that and speaks for voiceless animals in court. ALDF lawyers set legal precedent with the goal of freeing animals from misery and abuse!

ALDF lawyers have also challenged the assumption that animals cannot be plaintiffs who seek justice when their basic rights have been violated. ALDF defends animals as individuals who (yes…who) should be treated with respect in courts of law.

True to form and belief, the gala dinner is 100% plant-based, containing no animal remains or by products. All groups that purport to advocate for animals should, obviously, serve cruelty-free, vegan meals at their events. Check out these pictures Courtesy of Patrizia Barretto from the Gala!

The amazing beautiful actress from the show NYPD Blue, Charlotte Ross, embodies the elegance of the evening as she speaks for the animals!


The gourmet menu served to gala guests! Wow!


A gorgeous green salad to start the dining experience.


Butter nut squash ravioli with sage, pine nuts and lemon sauce. Yum!


This plate of tofu moussaka with eggplant and zucchini looks absolutely delicious too!