#LunchbreakLIVE features Engracia Figueroa as she shares her favorite freshly pressed organic juices and whole food plant-based dishes from Salud Juice in Long Beach, California. Angela the owner and creator of salud juice has made amazing cashew and almond cheeses in house for the cheese plate appetizer. They have fresh mint-infused water to boot!

Engracia has been a vegan for fourteen years. Her dad cooked often as part of their Puerto Rican culture and decided to kill a hog one day in the backyard. That resonated with her and she stopped eating pork that day. She found out not eating meat was much healthier, so that was part of her motivation to transition to veganism. Later, she realized she also wanted to be a vegan for the animals and the planet as well.

Engracia tragically experienced a spinal cord injury 26 years ago, when she passed out and fell off a train platform. She was run over by a train fifteen minutes after she fell. Her subsequent injuries and partial leg amputation make her reliant on a wheelchair. One wonderful aspects of this restaurant is that it is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible, and so is the bathroom. At some point in life everyone needs easier access whether their needs are due to injury or old age. It should be a requirement that the world is inclusive to everyone. Engracia makes an important point about the plastic straw bans and people with disabilities that may need a flexible straw. She says people should reuse straws and avoid using plastic straws whenever possible, but we should not forget that some people are reliant on flexible plastic straws.

Engracia is also involved with the disabled community in film, and works the organization ReelAbilities. This organization feature films with people who have disabilities, and they have a film festival in October so please be sure to check that out!

Look at those coconut wrapped raw almond cheese ravioli. There is no way we are visiting this shop without ordering those! Engracia gives this dish two thumbs up! She says it’s a must try along with the juices at Salud Juice, which she says are absolutely amazing as well! So salud to your health at this wonderful juice shop with so many delicious and nutritious offerings!


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Patrizia Mari Barretto Reporting for Jane Unchained.com

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Photos Courtesy of Patrizia Mari Barretto and Salud Juice:


Something on Engracia’s phone made her smile outside of this amazing juice shop!


A perfect place to enjoy family time in a wonderful ambiance!


An inviting neon sign and gorgeous decorative plants are the embodiment of what this business strives for, fresh and healthy food.


Grab a juice to follow this beautiful salad.



Amazing coconut wrapped raw almond cheese ravioli! Yum!