#LunchBreakLIVE with Moore Beicwraig aka Moore Rhys of Butch Home Economics & Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House & VegNews Magazine making Astounding Air Fried MacNCheese Balls! Less oil or no oil makes this final outcome even healthier! Either way, it’s delicious!


Moore is also a very talented seamstress and started Butch Home Ec a few years ago trying to teach her “butch friends” how to sew.  Then, she incorporated other feminine homemaking skills that are now all part of Butch Home Ec Butch Home Ec offers many tutorials from cooking, to sewing, gardening and general tips.


Jasmin, her partner, produces their show and several other projects. Jasmin is also well known as the co-host of the award winning Our Hen House podcast and the author of Always Too Much And Never Enough. She also uses her media skills to incorporate animal rights and LGBT rights into her work! Moore literally made the shirt she is wearing in this video and the bow tie! She ensures no one was exploited to make her clothing by making it herself. She also makes sure that the materials she uses are free of fibers derived from animals and ethically sourced. Butch Home Ec offers many tutorials from cooking, to sewing, gardening and general tips. Moore has her own vegetable garden with plants that they use regularly in their cooking. Their shared mantra is “living ethically in a way that’s fun and beautiful.” 


Air Fried Mac N Cheese Recipe:
1) Make Vegan Mac N Cheese (from scratch or vegan Daiya Mac N Cheese kit)
2) Let Mac N Cheese cool in the fridge
3) Take breadcrumbs (either premade or homemade) – Add a variety of spices
     to taste, add garlic and onion salt, etc.
4) Roll mac and cheese into balls with breadcrumbs coating them
5) Bake in an air fryer at 360 Degrees for 15 minutes or tile golden brown
    and or bake in the oven at the same temperature until golden brown and crispy
6) Let cool for a few minutes and enjoy!!!


Butch Home Ec partners and couple Jasmin (left) and Moore (right) with their freshly air fried mac and cheese balls.


Delicious air-fried mac and cheese balls made by Jasmin and Moore of Butch Home Ec.