The JaneUnChained team was at the new VegNews Magazine Hollywood office with the magazine’s Publisher, Colleen Holland, and Senior Editor, Jasmin Singer.
They spoke about how veganism has come a long way with their new issue highlighting the new delicious 20 best vegan burgers, vegan weddings, and why dairy is going down and the plant-based industry is going up!
The breaking news came when Jasmin Singer mentioned two of their “April Fool’s” articles came true when KFC is actually test marketing meat-free chicken and Domino’s has introduced vegan pizza overseas.  VegNews is also on the beat all over town reporting on new vegan food items.  There’s never been a more exciting time to be vegan than right now!
Veg News LBL

Veg News LBL 2
The team also taste tested Rabbit Hole Foods dips, sauces, and plant-based cheeses.
VegNews Magazine is also celebrating it’s 18th anniversary in publication and will be at the upcoming Animal Rights 2018 National Conference in Los Angeles.