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#JaneUnChained LIVE at Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles, California, for a packed book signing by the Vegan Bros! Their hilarious, insightful, brilliant book is called VODKA IS VEGAN: A Vegan Bros Manifesto for Better Living and Not Being an A**hole! Order it now at: – Already sold out in England! FYI, these are real brothers who grew up eating massive amounts of meat, dairy and eggs daily, then both went vegan! Their book is designed to make the barrier of entry into veganism a little easier, one bite at a time, or in this case, one shot of vodka! “Just be cool with people,” they encourage on. Mercy For AnimalsMilo Runkle introducesVODKA IS VEGAN? VEGAN BROS OPEN BARRIER OF ENTRY FOR NON-VEGANSVODKA IS VEGAN? VEGAN BROS OPEN BARRIER OF ENTRY FOR NON-VEGANS! Matt & Phil Letten. Many influencers were in attendance, including Mark Devries, director of Speciesism: The Movie, #JaneUnChained contributors Jessica Steinberg, Sarah Segal and Deanne Thomsen (The Humane League), along with Toby Morse (H2O Band), Karen Dawn (DawnWatch), Nora Kramer (Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp), Rachel Sloan (Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine), BJ Hollifield, Tanya Flink, Sarah Bluff, Hillary Lauren and Susanne Lynne. Paige Parsons Roache reports for