LunchBreakLIVE with the amazing vegan, prepared food company Rabbit Hole Foods! Co-founders Rosanna Caira & Walter D Morris take us through their astoundingly delicious and nutritious product line, including the UnTuna Salad, Chickpea Curry Salad, Vegan Artichoke Dip, Queso Fundido & Mac-Queso!

“We make comfort food, which, by definition, is food that provides consolation and a feeling of well-being, typically associated with home cooking. As loving parents, responsible citizens and stewards of our planet, we have made it our humble mission to provide the public with food that is truly comforting. We have taken on the task of mindfully reinventing our favorite, comfort foods with wholesome, nutritious ingredients that will deliver the satisfying taste and experience we grew up loving in these special dishes.”

All of these products are free of animal products, gluten, soy, processed sugars, GMOs and chemical preservatives and are made with mostly organic ingredients. Available at multiple EREWHON and 10 different Lassen’s locations, Follow Your Heart (Canoga Park), Full O’ Life (Burbank), Lento Market (Echo Park), PC Greens (Malibu), Rainbow Acres (Santa Monica), Rainbow Bridge (Ojai), Karma Baker (Westlake Village). Check out more details on their products plus their offerings at  Curious about RABBIT HOLE FOODS?