Watch chickens forklifted to their deaths after having lived agonizing lives. 90,000 chickens are reportedly killed at this one facility each day. This is the industry standard, happening all over the developed world. All of this death, so you can eat a dead animal for lunch or dinner, when there are great tasting, healthy alternatives. Industry reps are invited on any time to offer their views. Vancouver Chicken Save holds these vigils. Dani Rukin reports for
Chickens minutes away from being dumped out of their crates like inanimate objects, grabbed and shackled upside down, and their throats slit.
Management installs makeshift tarp to conceal what goes on behind the curtain.
Activist watches as chickens are forklifted to their slaughter.
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Vancouver Chicken Save organizer, Meghan Beattie, explains to JaneUnChained contributor, Dani Rukin, the processing of the chickens while co-organizer, Zoe Margaret, and former Mercy for Animals undercover investigator, Geoff Regier, listen in.