LIVE as more than 100 people gather at a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, California to give water and comfort to young pigs arriving on trucks to be killed! The one, simple decision is… don’t eat pigs in the form of bacon, ham, pork, hot dogs, pork chops, etc. Some people weep as the pigs go through the slaughterhouse doors. The pigs’ squeals can be heard on the other side. Pigs have a higher IQ than dogs. Los Angeles Animal Save organizes the vigil as part of The Save Movement! Founded by Anita Krajnc, the Save Movement’s goal is to have a regular vigil at every slaughterhouse in the world. There are already hundreds and the movement is growing fast. In LA, these vigils happen Sundays from 7pm- 10pm Pacific.  To learn more, go to:
Photos by Chef Ito of Au Lac Restaurant, an amazing vegan gourmet restaurant next to Disney Hall in downtown Los Angeles.