Breaking News: MAJOR VICTORY FOR ANIMALS…. and the people who love them! AB 485, the Pet Rescue & Adoption Act is now LAW in California, having just been signed by Governor Jerry Brown. This requires pets sold and/or offered in California stores to come from rescue groups and shelters! This landmark law signals the beginning of the end of puppy mills and will likely spread coast to coast! Social Compassion in Legislation‘s Judie Mancuso, the bill’s sponsor, talks to #JaneUnChained! To take this law coast to coast and put puppy mills out of business forever, please donate to: Social Compassion in Legislation.

This dog, named Bonsai, was the face of the Pass AB 485 Campaign. He was pulled out of a California shelter shortly before he was scheduled to die. He is still at a temporary home, the wonderful Love Always Sanctuary, and looking for his forever home. If you want to be part of history and have a loving West Coast home for Bonsai, please contact Love Always Sanctuary now! You can also instant message Jane Velez-Mitchell on Facebook.