Giving Water to Thirsty Pigs Before Slaughter

LIVE outside a facility near Los Angeles, California that slaughters many thousands of innocent pigs. Please think of them the next time you go grocery shopping or pick up a menu. #BearingWitness #JaneUnChained Los Angeles Animal Save Toronto Pig Save

Posted by Jane Velez-Mitchell on Monday, June 12, 2017

This was recorded LIVE by contributor Gwenna Hunter outside a facility near Los Angeles, California  that slaughters many thousands of innocent pigs. Animal lovers show up in the dead of night to comfort these animals and give them water moments before they enter the gates to be slaughtered. All the animals you see on this video are, undoubtedly, now dead. Vigil attendees also want to expose the sad truth…  what consumers pretend doesn’t exist. There is no bacon, no ham, no pork. There are only pigs, sentient beings with eyes, hearts, a central nervous system, beings that had a mother, beings who feel terror and who don’t want to die for you or anyone else.
#BearingWitness #JaneUnChained Los Angeles Animal Save