Animal rights is fast becoming the social justice movement of the 21st century. I’ve just launched this site ( to help every American see, with their own eyes, the horrors animals face in the world today. is a new online magazine publishing daily reports on animal issues. And, then there’s Our Hen House.
Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan first launched Our Hen House with podcasts. Now, it’s also on Brooklyn Independent Media as Our Hen House TV Show. And, we’re excited to announce that the Season 2 premiere of the show will air on Monday, Dec. 1! The goal: to mainstream the movement to end the exploitation of animals. So, that’s three up and coming animal rights media outlets getting the word out.
The Dodo is another big animal advocacy media venture. And, animal rights organizations like PETA have jumped with both feet into social media to show the images that rarely seem to make it on to traditional TV.
You can do your part by sharing the blog posts and video links you see here and on other outlets. This coming week, is launching a new campaign with the slogan: I Am the Media 4 Animals. Look for the button which you can embed on your social media platforms. Together we can change the world for animals! Congrats to Jasmin and Mariann for their success with Our Hen House!