Spectacular sandwiches that are all plant-based, cholesterol-free and fabulous! Our guest chef is award winning actress/writer & foodie Terri J. Freedman! She’s using Sweet Earth Foods’ Benevolent Bacon, which fries up just like “real” (real cancer causing) bacon, with none of the horrible side effects. Plant-based bacon is cholesterol free and delicious!

LIVE as more than 100 people gather at a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles, California to give water and comfort to young pigs arriving on trucks to be killed! Some people weep as the pigs go through the slaughterhouse doors. Los Angeles Animal Save organizes the vigil as part of The Save Movement!

Jenny B. Jones in the #LunchBreakLIVE house making vegan chocolate turtles! Also, learn all about the upcoming, first Central Coast Vegans’ Central Coast VEG FEST!
It’s Saturday, February 17th, 10am to 6pm and it’s FREE in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California!