Vegan Dog Food

Vegan Dog Food

 If American pets were a nation, they would be the 5th leading meat-eating country in the world. We are feeding a lot of animals to our animals. This is a crisis for the suffering cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and lambs. It’s also a leading contributor to climate change. And, there’s a growing body of evidence that it might not provide the healthiest alternative for the pets themselves. Vegan dog food is a skyrocketing trend, with Mark Cuban investing in a vegan dog food company, Wild Earth, during his hit show Shark Tank. More and more people are making their own vegan dog food at home. And, there are even vegan dog food home delivery companies! The revolution is underway! And, there’s a new twist for those die-hard carnists! Cell-based pet food is almost here. The emergence of lab-based meats for pets is the ultimate game-changer. Check out the latest developments in this arena. It will blow your mind!  

A Few of our Favorite Vegan Dog Food Brands

V-Dog – 100% Vegan Company

Wild Earth – 100% Vegan Company

Ami – 100% Vegan Company

Evolution Pet Foods – 100% Vegan Company

Benevo – 100% Vegan Company

Bramble – 100% Vegan Company

Because, Animals – Vegan and Cell-based Meats

Wysong – Offers Vegan Recipes

Halo – Offers Vegan Recipe

Woman, dog and Wild Earth dog food sitting down

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