Vegan Documentaries

Vegan Documentaries 

Vegan documentaries are changing the world. How many times has a movie completely altered the way you think about a crucial issue? Everyone loves movies, but harnessing the power of cinema to advocate on behalf of non-humans is a powerful tool. Documentaries expose the truth undeniably through physically documenting subjects in a shareable format, and allow experts to speak on topics ranging from health to ethics to animal behavior–all in one production. The Vegan Truth [http://thevegantruth.blogspot.com/] published a survey in which 8,000 vegans were asked what motivated them to become vegan, and 42% reported videos and movies being a leading motivation. The power of a movie to change one’s mind cannot be understated.

Shareable stories

Especially in today’s day and age, digital clips have the ability to go viral and document truth unlike any other medium. It’s impossible to deny the reality of the plight of animals exploited for human use when that heart-breaking undercover footage fills the screen. Similarly, documentaries are able to bring the environmental and health perspective of a vegan lifestyle right to your living room. Movies make us feel all sorts of emotions, but the ones that change our lives deserve the highest praise.

Documentaries deliver unique approaches

The market for vegan documentaries is expanding rapidly—with films such as Game Changers  changing the game by appealing to a hyper-masculine market. The power of storytelling can reach individuals who would otherwise never consider veganism to be a viable lifestyle. As the market expands, new approaches to advocating pursuance of the vegan lifestyle emerge. Shawn Stratton founded the International Vegan Film Festival in 2018, a perfect testament to the expanding market and the desire to create community around the experience of consuming content furthering the vegan notions. Documentaries allow us to provide the voice for the voiceless through both entertainment and honest documentation of truth.  Jane Unchained is here to report on what you need to be tuning into.


Countdown To Year Zero Wins Best Doc Award!

Countdown To Year Zero Wins Best Doc Award!

Humans are systematically destroying forests and wiping out the species in those forests. Look at the tragic fires in the Amazon! Soon, we could have virtually no wildlife left, except in zoos. That will trigger an ecological apocalypse, sparking political and societal chaos. The good news is: we can pull back from the brink if we all make one simple change! What change? Watch this now, shift, and help save the world. Countdown To Year Zero! Order it now on Amazon Prime Video!

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