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Veganism is the practice of going through life without exploiting, abusing or killing animals for food or drink. Vegans opt to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, which exist in many thousands of varieties offering far more choices than a diet based on killing half a dozen animal species, mainly chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, goats and lambs. Vegans do not steal the mother’s milk of another species to drink it or turn it into cheese or ice cream. There are now delicious vegan alternatives to every imaginable animal and dairy product. Plant-based products are an extraordinarily fast growing sector of the food industry. Vegans also generally shun leather, fur, silk, wool and other products made from the exploitation, abuse and murder of animals. Vegans also tend to avoid products that are heavy on chemicals or tested on animals.

Dog Meat Survivor, Judy, Attends Holiday Party!

There’s a lot to celebrate at IDA’s holiday party for the animals! Meet Judy, a survivor of the dog meat trade, and other 2018 success stories! Jindo Love Rescue recently partnered with In Defense of Animals, dedicating themselves to saving the lives of dogs in South...

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“Chase Compassion” And Trot Your Way Into Thanksgiving!

The annual Tofurky Trot is on! Portland really knows how to kick off a Happy ThanksLIVING thanks to Tofurky. Tasty prizes and family fun at this annual beloved tradition AND the money raised from the Trot goes to support the hard-working Northwest VEG, Wildwood Farm...

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Animal Rights Movement Explodes Across The Globe!

Hundreds "Die-In" In Downtown Salt Lake City For Animal Rights! The official animal rights march LIVE in Salt Lake City! Activists from around the world uniting to take action for the animals who are exploited and killed each year. Dani Rukin reporting for...

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Sourdough Fennel Stuffing

Thanksgiving Stuffing - no bird required.  This one has the unexpected color, flavor and crunch of fennel and pomegranate arils. https://www.facebook.com/JaneVelezMitchell/videos/1646557978823785/ Sourdough Fennel Stuffing with Pomegranate Arils 3 T. vegan butter ¼ c....

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