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Veganism is the practice of going through life without exploiting, abusing or killing animals for food or drink. Vegans opt to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, which exist in many thousands of varieties offering far more choices than a diet based on killing half a dozen animal species, mainly chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, goats and lambs. Vegans do not steal the mother’s milk of another species to drink it or turn it into cheese or ice cream. There are now delicious vegan alternatives to every imaginable animal and dairy product. Plant-based products are an extraordinarily fast growing sector of the food industry. Vegans also generally shun leather, fur, silk, wool and other products made from the exploitation, abuse and murder of animals. Vegans also tend to avoid products that are heavy on chemicals or tested on animals.

Singing For Animal Rights! The Liberation Song at The Hague!

The LIBERATION SONG for the hundreds of thousands of animals who have needlessly perished in factory farm fires. They literally burn alive and have no way out. "Burning Souls", along with The Save Movement have taken to the streets of the The Hague, Netherlands, to...

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In NYC, Kaporos, The Cruel Practice Of Using Chickens For Religious Sacrifice Stirs Massive Protests!

Overheated and thirsty, chickens packed in crates get no relief before being sacrificed. Can you imagine what the thousands of chickens stacked on each other are going through in this heat? Kaporos, the cruel practice of using chickens for religious sacrifice has...

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Let Them Eat (Vegan) Cake in Prague! And Pizza, Pancakes, Salads, and Tapas. All Raw!

LIVE in the heart of old town Prague! Charming Provence-style vegan cafe and cake shop, MyRaw Café! Serving up breakfast all day (blueberry and cashew butter, chocolate cream and banana, or pear and caramel pancakes, anyone?), “egg” toast, and cakes. And then save...

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London March! Make Choices That Liberate You!

The Official Animal Rights March - London did not disappoint. The animal rights movement is exploding. The message: Get on the right side of history and stop eating them! And then get out there and fight for them. 💕 Dani and Cheyenne Danner going LIVE for all the...

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London Animal Rights March! “Don’t Ask Us Why We’re Vegan. Ask Yourselves Why You’re Not!

  It’s official - the animal rights movement is exploding! Get on the right side of history and stop eating them! And then get out there and fight for them. ✊🐾💕 Join Dani and Cheyenne Danner LIVE for all the highlights! Dani Rukin reporting LIVE...

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