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Veganism is the practice of going through life without exploiting, abusing or killing animals for food or drink. Vegans opt to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, which exist in many thousands of varieties offering far more choices than a diet based on killing half a dozen animal species, mainly chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, goats and lambs. Vegans do not steal the mother’s milk of another species to drink it or turn it into cheese or ice cream. There are now delicious vegan alternatives to every imaginable animal and dairy product. Plant-based products are an extraordinarily fast growing sector of the food industry. Vegans also generally shun leather, fur, silk, wool and other products made from the exploitation, abuse and murder of animals. Vegans also tend to avoid products that are heavy on chemicals or tested on animals.

Starbucks Considers More Vegan Options!

Starbucks Considers More Vegan Options!

    JaneUnChained LIVETALK with Laura Lee Cascada of Animal Outlook formerly Compassion Over Killing. Getting companies to offer more vegan food and drink items. Today, we are talking about Starbucks! Starbucks chief executive officer Kevin Johnson announced...

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