VEG OUT: Vegan Restaurant Reviews

Gone are the days when vegan restaurants were mostly empty counterculture enclaves patrolled by quirky meatless militants. Today, vegan restaurants are popping the world over and the plant-based lifestyle is exploding into the mainstream. If you want to find a list of vegan restaurants wherever you happen to be standing, anywhere on the planet, just pop onto the Happy Cow App and a list will appear complete with directions on how to get there. #JaneUnChained has gone #LIVE at some the top vegan restaurants the world over. From five star, white glove, gourmet vegan restaurants in Berlin to gritty, hipster, vegan burger joints in Hollywood, Jane UnChained’s team is always at the ready to showcase a fabulous plant-based dish at whatever compassionate canteen we encounter.


COVID-19: BeVeg Campaign To Make Veganism Go Viral

COVID-19: BeVeg Campaign To Make Veganism Go Viral

"A vaccine may end this pandemic but veganism is the panacea", says Carissa Kranz, Esq., founder & CEO of BeVeg Global Vegan Certification firm. To further the campaign of making veganism go viral, BeVeg International has officially certified vegan Abbie’s Plant...

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