LIVE at a large protest against animal experimentation at UCLA organized by Progress For Science! Watch lead organizer Cory Mac deliver this riveting speak out to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, outside his office on the UCLA campus. About 100 demonstrators echoed her words! Mr. Block is invited on any time to respond to the protesters’ charges that the university is committing animal abuse under the guise of research while ignoring more modern, more humane, more efficient methods.

#JaneUnChained LIVE at a large protest against animal experimentation at UCLA! The protesters, led by Progress For ScienceProgress For Science, call vivisection #FauxScience & outdated animal torture that’s a waste of taxpayer dollars and consistently fails to save human lives while enriching the “researchers.” The university or its reps are invited on any time.

LIVE at a large protest against animal experimentation at UCLA! UCLA reps invited on any time! In a very special LunchBreakLIVE, Devi’s Donuts and Sweets, a vegan donut company, is handing out vegan donuts to the protesters! 

UCLA officials and/or researchers are invited on to respond to any of those protesters’ complaints!

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#JaneUnChained LIVE in Kingston, NY where NY Farm Animal Save is holding a vigil outside of Charles River Laboratories. Protesters allege it is the world’s largest breeder of animals for use in experiments. We invite representatives from Charles River Laboratories on to respond to protesters at any time. Maya Gottfried reporting for

Portland animal rights activists flood mall with a silent “LOVE disruption” and the teens are watching! Their message: […]