Delicious Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes

Vegan Pasta e Fagioli
Whole-Food, Plant-Based Vegan Pasta e Fagioli
October 19, 2021
A hearty (and budget-friendly) plant-based soup filled with vegetables, beans, pasta, and loads of flavor.  This recipe is from the New Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook  and is a healthier take on the Italian Classic - made without added salt and oil.  Excerpt from Budget Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook, by Kathy A. Davis, published by Rockridge Press. Copyright © 2021 by Callisto Media, Inc. All rights reserved.
vegan donut recipe
Petite Plant-Based Oreo Donuts With Nyla’s Petite Bakery
October 17, 2021
Petite Oreo Donuts are exactly what they sounds like, mini donuts with Oreo crumble in them and the donut glaze made with Oreo cream. Yes, Oreos are vegan!
Warm Banana Muffin Sundaes
October 16, 2021
This dish is super fun, delicious and easy to make!  All you need are simple ingredients to make the banana muffins, and then just add everything else you would put on a sundae.     However, the twist that is added to this recipe is that the banana muffins are WARM, so moist and OHHH so good!  After you add the banana muffins, you just top the sundae with some of your favorite toppings, like ice cream, whip cream, nuts cherries and any type of caramel or chocolate sauce you like.     Share this deliciousness with friends and family!  They will be sure to enjoy this delicious treat, no matter the season!  SWEETS are in for sure!
Ribollita recipe layered
Ribollita with a Twist
October 15, 2021
Tuscan ribollita is traditionally prepared with greens, cannellini beans, and stale bread. Part of the cucina povera or “poor cooking” that refers to the frugality and creativity of the no-waste rural Italian kitchen, ribollita – made using leftovers – was usually prepared on Fridays, a “giorno di magra:” “lean days,” when Italians abstained from eating meat – or, as we might refer to it today, Meatless Friday! Inherently plant-based vegan, this dish is a perfectly delicious way to warm up while getting in your greens & proteins. The twist: since her parents – Papà Chef & Mamma Maria, hail from Calabria and made a similar dish when she was growing up, Lucia is adding some Calabrian heat!
the finished dish
Eggplant Meatballs and Spaghetti
October 15, 2021
Turn your boring spaghetti and meatballs into a healthy, delicious vegan version that everyone will love!
creamy kale soup
Creamy Kale and Gnocchi Soup
October 13, 2021
This simple, flavorful, hearty, vegan creamy kale, mushroom and gnocchi soup will warm your soul with every bite. Perfect for Fall and Winter as the temperatures begin to drop.
finished jackfruit sliders
BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches with Avocado Slaw
October 11, 2021
Simple, 30-minute BBQ jackfruit sandwiches that will fool any meat lover! A crunchy, cool avocado slaw and roasted salted cashews add even more texture and flavor. The perfect vegan substitute for pulled pork.
Cauliflower Tinga Poblano Taco by Fabulously Vegan
October 9, 2021
A vegan tinga recipe that is simple, full of flavor, and perfect for Taco Tuesdays!
pistachio baklava
Pistachio Baklava
October 8, 2021
Fresh baklava is to die for—but leftovers just aren’t the same. After a night’s rest in thick, sticky syrup, phyllo pastry softens and becomes soggy and chewy. George knew that thin yuba could do wonders in other applications, so he tested it here. And WOW! The yuba baklava turned out flaky and crispy and held its crunch for several days. Leaning into yuba’s distinct nuttiness, George layered in pumpkin spice, coconut oil, and sesame.To achieve the flakiest layers, be generous with the coconut oil and gentle when laminating the layers. Don’t forcefully press them together. For this recipe,  stack 3 yuba sheets into each layer, as this provides a thin crackle without too much yuba chew. If you’d like a denser and more substantial bite, try stacking 4-6 sheets per layer and reduce the amount of nut filling. Don’t overbake, or the yuba will turn tough and chewy. The yuba should just be starting to color but won’t brown like flour dough. Chive seeds are a delicious alternative to sesame.
vegan scallops
Vegan Scallops with Mushroom Infused Tofu Cream
October 6, 2021
It's easy to have "scallops" as a vegan. Oyster mushrooms are the king of the show for this recipe and although the dish turns out looking and tasting gourmet, it is super simple to make.
Fall pear bruschetta-recipe for bruchetta
Fall Pear bruschetta 
October 6, 2021
A delicious dish, perfect for the Fall months. This bruschetta is full of all the right flavor combinations and all the right colors.
vegan omelete
Homemade Vegan Egg Mix Omelet with Sheese Vegan Cheese and Mushrooms
October 5, 2021
Save time, money, energy and plastic packaging by creating your own Vegan Egg Mix. It is quick, easy and downright delicious. Made with soaked mung beans and not tofu, this vegan egg acts and taste just like a cracked chicken egg. Make a beautiful omelette, fluffy scrambled eggs or breakfast sandwich. Serve with fruit and potatoes for the perfect breakfast.
Southwest Mason Jar Salad
October 1, 2021
 A quick and easy salad in a jar! Great for on-the-go meals, meal prep and parties too!
vegan banh mi open faced
King Zoom’s Vietnamese Inspired Banh Mi
September 30, 2021
A Vietnamese inspired banh mi recipe made by 17 year old activist King Zoom! It's simple and delicious!
cinnamon roll in a mug
Vegan Cinnamon Roll In A Mug
September 28, 2021
An easy recipe that allows for making a single serving cinnamon roll at a time! And the best thing is that it only takes a few minutes to prepare it, and you don’t have to turn on the oven. J All vegan, all easy and delicious!
Vegan Fajita Tacos
September 28, 2021
This easy recipe will rock your taste buds! An authentic plant-based take on Latin-inspired “street” tacos, all made from WHOLE FOODS using cauliflower, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. You cannot go wrong with these! They’re LOVED around the world! There’s no better way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than with authentic flavors that are pungent and spicy. As a proud Latina woman, Jeniffer Olvera is honored to share more amazing Mexican favorites made 100% from plants!
Malaysian Corn Curry
Malaysian Style Curry
September 27, 2021
A simple creamy and delicious curry made with a variety of healing spices & a ton of flavor. Can be enjoyed with grains of choice or vegetable patties to create a wholesome, satiating & nourishing meal. This recipe is completely Whole Food Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free, & Oil Free, quick, easy to make and super versatile. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 
Buddha Bowl Ideas
“What’s in my fridge?” Buddha Bowl Recipe
September 24, 2021
Air-fried garbanzo beans, seasonally fresh cauliflower, on a bed of greens, cooked rice, and topped with vegan ranch, garnished with micro greens
finished vegan burrito
Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos with Cashew-Herb Cream
September 23, 2021
Sassy and sweet, this dish was a hands-down favorite in our “Budget-Friendly Vegan Meals” class. Shattering the myth that eating vegan is costly and difficult, this is just one of many recipes made from easy-to-find, economical ingredients. And unlike many burritos, this one boasts healthy ingredients that are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Did we mention that it tastes great, too? Maybe it’s the combination of gently spiced, roasted sweet potatoes and earthy salsa-black beans. Could it be the luscious herbed cashew cream drizzled on top? We think in this case, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. 
Ingredients vegan smoothie
Get Up And Groove Power Smoothie!
September 22, 2021
A quick, easy, plant-based smoothy that is full off nutrients and flavor. Perfect for a quick breakfast.
vegan chili
Mama’s Mighty Meatless Award-Winning Chili
September 21, 2021
A simple vegan chili recipe that is perfect for the falls months. It is full of loads of nutrients and flavors. Throw the ingredients in a slow-cooker and sit back and relax.
vegan chocolate desset-brownies
Chocolate Brownies
September 18, 2021
These delectable, moist brownies are made with natural ingredients and keep for up to a month. They're perfect for anyone on the go! Find out how you can make them in just 3 easy steps.
vegan chocolate desserts-avovado mousse
Avocado Chocolate Mousse
September 18, 2021
This Avocado chocolate mousse, which ca be used as frosting, is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without all of the sugar. It's rich, decadent, and healthy! This recipe can be made in less than 10 minutes with no baking required. The best part about this dessert is that it only requires 6 ingredients (plus garnishes) making it a favorite choice for last-minute entertaining!
Un-Tuna Sandwich Recipe
September 17, 2021
Un-tuna sandwich made with jackfruit. Jackfruit is very versatile and has the texture of a "tuna' fish sandwich from childhood. Whether you are trying to limit seafood in your diet or you don't like to eat fish at all, this sandwich is a great recipe when hunger strikes. 
cookie dough vegan pumpkin bread
Pumpkin Cookie Dough Bread
September 14, 2021
A sweet healthy cookie dough pumpkin bread treat that is simple to make and rewarding with every bite.
Gluten Free Chocolate Donuts
September 11, 2021
A simple and rewarding vegan gluten-free chocolate donut recipe the whole family will love.
vegan cashew curried tofu salad
Cashew Curried Tofu Salad
September 11, 2021
A simple and tasty high protein salad to top your greens or serve on bread. It has just enough kick to spice up any meal.
apple treats
September 7, 2021
This dish makes a festive plate to celebrate a sweet new year for Rosh Hashana, but it can be enjoyed any time for a great snack, dessert or breakfast.
Homemade Hoisin Sauce
Easy Homemade Hoisin Sauce
September 7, 2021
Hoisin sauce usually contains honey. Here’s an easy way to make your own, vegan! Adapted from
tempeh lettuce wraps
September 7, 2021
A fresh and delicious take on traditional lettuce wraps, only these are better! This recipe can also be made with crumbled or cubed firm tofu!
Tonia and her vegan hamburger helper dish
Vegan Hamburger Helper
September 3, 2021
This recipe will bring back those childhood memories of mom's favorite Hamburger Helper dish. The only difference is this recipe is 100% vegan, and you won't even know the difference!
Finished vegan falafel tart recipe
Falafel Tart with Vegan Tzatziki by Susan Cooks Vegan 
September 3, 2021
A spiced Falafel Tart with creamy Vegan Tzatziki will have you dancing with joy!
Vegan Butter Chicken
September 2, 2021
A veganized version of the popular "butter chicken" dish. Sam’s "Vegan Butter Cauliflower" recipe replaces both the butter and the chicken but loses none of the flavour. As well as being a mostly healthy recipe, it also happens to be super-easy to prepare (in true fuss-free vegan style).  This vegan dish is creamy, tomato-y goodness, packed full of spices, and just so much deliciousness in a bowl it's difficult to comprehend. Serve it up with some rice, naan bread, and a little cilantro, and be prepared for "comfort food heaven".
vegan coconut cream pie with whipped cream
Mam’s Vegan Coconut Cream Pie
August 31, 2021
A vegan version of the coconut cream pie you love. It is creamy, sweet, and oh so delicious. A simple recipe, so give it a try.
vegan tapas
Shiitake a la gallega
August 31, 2021
The veganized version of a popular tapas dish that usually uses octopus. This version is tasty, cruelty-free, and simple to make.
Salvadoran Calabazas (Pipián) Entomatados 
Salvadoran Calabazas (Pipián) Entomatados 
August 30, 2021
This Salvadoran dish is super simple to make, very filling, and healthy!
jackfruit tacos
Mega Jackfruit Tacos
August 28, 2021
These jackfruit tacos are packed full of protein and incredible flavors, made quick and simple.
Vegan Indian Pudding / Kheer/ Payasam
August 27, 2021
Desi refers to the region of South Asia that comprises India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Maldives.  this is a Desi-inspired healthy Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) vegan, low-fat, SOS (sugar, oil, and salt) free recipe.  
Vegan Stuffed Plantain Cups
Stuffed Plantain Cups (aka Tostone Rellenos)
August 24, 2021
Traditional Stuffed Plantain Cups use shredded beef but are easily veganized by using jackfruit or mushrooms. Destiny makes carnitas-style mushrooms using king oyster mushrooms and topping them with a fresh pico de gallo.
salad with OG orange and ginger dressing
The OG TM Sauté Zucchini
August 22, 2021
Zucchini is a versatile vegetable. Season zucchini with The OG TM and you will surprise people who may not normally choose this alkaline diet food. If weight loss is your goal, it is important to incorporate this vegetable into your routine. Sauteed or air-fried, it can zest up rice bowl (see video) or a salad. Pair zucchini with mashed potatoes!  
vegan stew
The OG TM Vegan Stew
August 22, 2021
Easiest recipe because you just throw it all in a Pressure Cooker and serve.
veggie stew
Thanksgiving Veggie Stew Recipe
August 21, 2021
If you are looking for a flavorful, filling, hearty, and delicious stew for Thanksgiving (or any day), this is the recipe for you. Its so easy to throw together and is full of an abundance of nutrients.
vegan tuna salad sandwich
Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich
August 20, 2021
Almond Hummus
Almond Hummus
August 19, 2021
Rich, creamy and bursting with Middle Eastern flavours, Doreet's Almond Hummous will tantalize your senses while helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels and  is an excellent alterative for those with  Chickpeas intolerance.
vegan turkey tetrazzini
August 17, 2021
 This recipe is probably the most decadent thing you will ever make! It's SO DELICIOUS! It's creamy, cheesy, and filling. 100% veganized to perfection.
chickpea curry dish
Curry Chickpeas with Kale stew and Cauliflower Rice.
August 13, 2021
A quick, flavorful, healthy and filling meal for when you are on the go and need something hearty and filling.
vegan caesar salad
Vegan Caesar Salad
August 13, 2021
Crispy chopped romaine heart topped with fresh baked homemade croutons, vegan parmesan, and creamy from-scratch caesar dressing
vegan curry and rice
Purple & Red Bell Pepper Vegan Curry
August 12, 2021
Curry is generally very vegan-friendly, super simple to make, and full of bursting flavors.  This recipe is definitely one you should introduce to the family, especially if they love Indian food and all the flavors that come with it. 
vegan pot pie
Savory, Delicious Turkey-less Vegan Pot Pie
August 9, 2021
Tired of the same old Thanksgiving meal? Give this vegan turkey pot pie a try. It's super simple to make and so delicious. It is sure to become a new family favorite!
vegan pasta zoodles
Zucchini and Mushroom Vegan Pasta
August 8, 2021
This pasta is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy whole foods made from scratch. It is a gluten-free, dairy free, and soy free recipe that will rock your tastebuds! The combination of raw and slightly cooked ingredients helps to add more flavor to the dish and it makes this recipe much easier to prepare.
summer pasta
Summer Pasta (Nerano Spaghettoni)
August 7, 2021
Here's one version of this simple summer pasta dish. It's so summery and yummy, you'll never want the zucchini season to end.
chocolate vegan pudding
Almost-Instant Chocolate Vegan Pudding
August 6, 2021
In the same time it takes to make boxed chocolate pudding, you can make real chocolate that’s thick and creamy, very chocolatey, refined-sugar-free, cholesterol-free, allergen safe, pareve too. If anyone here is from Brooklyn and remembers the iconic Ebinger’s Blackout Cake, this is the pudding I use to make the you’ll never know its vegan version. I have seen grown people weep.
vegan baklava stuffed dates
Sweet Vegan Baklava Stuffed Dates
August 5, 2021
These tasty treats were inspired by the Middle Eastern delight, baklava, a sticky-sweet, nutty dessert that punctuates the end of a delicious meal. Baklava is made with layers of phyllo dough but in this much simpler recipe, the flavors of this beloved dessert are stuffed into tender, sweet dates which provide a gentle sweetness. This recipe calls for finishing the dates in two different ways; wrapped in puff pastry drizzled with chocolate and dipped in melted chocolate and chilled for a caramel-like result. You can also enjoy the stuffed dates without either treatment and not be disappointed. If you prefer to make all of the dates wrapped in pastry, you’ll need two sheets of pastry dough (Pepperidge Farm is vegan).
Tonia showing off her vegan chicken wrap
Jada Brand Chick'N Mix Tortilla Wrap
August 4, 2021
New vegan product alert! Jada Brand has an amazing vegan chicken mix that can be used to make all sorts of vegan chicken dishes. Tonia shows us how to make a simple and delicious plant-based chicken wrap. It's simple to make and super tasty!
close-up vegan chili
Badass Rebel Vegan Chili
August 3, 2021
The best damn chili you’ll ever eat!! 😍 Packed with protein, fiber, this vegan chili recipe is SO DELICIOUS that even meat eaters love it! Perfect for meal prep, potlucks, family events, tailgating, and more!
Close-up Thai Noodle Salad
Vegan Thai Noodle Salad with the BEST EVER Spicy Peanut Lime Sauce
August 1, 2021
Vegan Thai Noodle Salad with the BEST EVER Spicy Peanut Lime Sauce - Rice noodle salad with bright, colorful veggies and fresh herbs, topped with chopped peanuts and tofu all tossed in THE BEST Spicy Peanut Lime Sauce. It is packed with protein, healthy fats, is vegan, gluten free and has major flavor!
Paige and her veggie wrap
July 30, 2021
Use Wicked Tasty Beetroot Pesto Sauce to add some flavor to your usual veggie wrap.
Vegan Buffalo Mozzarella
Vegan Buffalo Mozzarella
July 29, 2021
Creamy plant-based Buffalo Mozzarella...wait what? You're vegan and you thought you had to give up this summer favorite because you don't eat cheese? Not true. The magical ingredient is cashews and with cashews you can make incredible creamy and delicious vegan Mozzarella. It's simple and yummy!
vegan brownie bites
No-Bake Brownie Bites
July 28, 2021
These little balls of heaven are healthy AND delicious, bringing you a little pick me up whenever needed.
French vegan version of stuffed tomatoes 
July 26, 2021
A quick and easy French stuffed tomatoes recipe perfect for an appetizer at your next dinner party.
Crash showing off his recipe
Vegan Arepas
July 24, 2021
Arepas - white corn flour, sea salt, avocado oil and water. The batter makes patties, the patties are cooked, opened like pockets or like a traditional burger bun and then filled with whatever ingredients you like. For ecxample, vegan meat, vegan cheese, black beans, sautéed veggies and avocado.
vegan bruschetta with white beans and kale
July 23, 2021
Get ready to make this vegan Brucshetta at your next dinner party, or just make it for yourself for lunch! It is super easy to make with just a few ingredients, so give it a try.
Vegan Brazilian Cheese Bread
July 22, 2021
Ready for some doughy delicious vegan cheese bread? This Brazilian cheese bread recipe is so simple and so delicoous. Only a few ingredients will get you that bread you are craving.
Thai peanut noodles
Peanut Sauce with Rice Noodles, Faux Chick’n and Veggies!
July 21, 2021
A quick and simple recipe for Thai peanut noodles. You can use the peanut sauce of a variation of dishes as well.  
mushroom tacos
Cauliflower Mushroom Tacos
July 20, 2021
A quick and tasty way to get your taco cravings satisfied. These mushroom and cauliflower tacos will blow your mind with their incredible texture and flavor.
Kelly and her finished dish
Vegan zucchini fritters
July 17, 2021
You will LOVE these vegan zucchini fritters and they are so easy to make. The perfect comfort food when you just want a little bit of heaven for lunch.
finished plant based recipe
Vitaliz Haystacks
July 17, 2021
The Vitaliz Café launched Vitaliz Haystacks as a homage to this traditional Adventist dish with a healthier option to the delight of our associates and it’s been a success ever since!
easy appetizer healthy and delicious
Exotic Homemade Appetizer (Dip)
July 15, 2021
A quick and easy appetizer that is sure to please all the guests at your next party. This dip is super tasty and 100% guilt-free.
Vegan Jackfruit Tuna Salad Wrap or Sandwich
July 14, 2021
Jackfruit Tuna is a great make ahead recipe, you can bring it to a party for an appetizer (fill it inside of a wrap with extra veggies and then cut round circular portions, OR place it on top of slices of cucumber, to be fancy..), you can make a Jackfruit "tuna melt, put it in a raw Wrap OR inbetween gluten free bread OR ontop of romaine lettuce leaves and make tacos! the Possibilities are endless!!
Finished mung bean and rice vegan quesadilla
Mung Beans & Rice Quesadilla
July 13, 2021
Mung Beans and Rice Quesadilla- This modern take on a classic Yogic dish is perfect for entertaining your next summer party. The mung beans and rice filling inspired by a recipe from Yogi Bhajan is added along with vegan cheese into a crisp gluten free rice tortilla. The quesadilla is served with guacamole, diced red bell peppers and your favorite hot sauce. 
Layered Taco Dip
Layered Taco Dip
July 12, 2021
This dip will become a party favorite with very little effort. It's 8 layers of all kinds of goodness and gooey vegan cheesy yumminess. Perfect for dipping, or just eat it as is! It's that good!
close up tofu bowl
Mr. Russell’s Super Simple Tofu Bowl
July 10, 2021
Brown Rice, Browned Tofu, Sprouts, Condiment of Choice
vegan banana muffins
 Easy Bake Loaded Banana Chocolate Chips Walnut Muffins 
July 10, 2021
Easy and loaded vegan Banana Muffins that are so easy to make and packed with flavor! These are sure to become and all time family favorite!
Rainbow Noodle Stir Fry
Rainbow Noodle Stir Fry
July 10, 2021
Looking for a flavorful Noodle Stir Fry with that peanut butter flavor? We have the perfect dish that is healthy, filling, delicious, and beautiful!
potatoes on the grill
Potatoes and Kale on the Grill
July 8, 2021
Looking for a healthy option for that big cookout you are planning? Try these grilled potatoes and grilled kale! Super simple and super healthy.
Halwa recipe
Vegan Halwa
June 30, 2021
Veganised Halwa, a flour-based sweet porridge that is a very popular Indian dessert and sometimes a cure-it all.
sweet jackfruit sandwich
Pretzel Bun Sweet Barbecue Jackfruit and Coleslaw
June 29, 2021
This dish is super fun, delicious and easy to make!  All you need are simple ingredients and the wonderful sauce and slaw that will be added and BOOM… all of your family will enjoy!  So, today, meet your new summer staple for cook-out & parties. With a special twist of sweetness, even if they are not plant-based or vegan, they will be hard press to turn away from this jackfruit masterpiece!   Jackfruit, is so versatile, either fresh or canned, it is an amazing plant that can be used as a substitute for meat (pulled pork), in sandwiches, pizza, stir-fry bowls and anything else you can think of.  With the right seasoning and flavors, you will be wonderfully surprised!
sesame crusted tofu
June 29, 2021
A simple tofu recipe with the perfect flavor and texture to make your tastebuds dance.
spicy chickpea veggie burger
Spicy Chickpea Veggie Burgers 
June 27, 2021
Adapted from Running on Real Food ( This is an easy, healthy, and totally delicious veggie burger option that your family will love.
vegan cheesy fries
Cheesy Baked Potato Wedges
June 27, 2021
Looking for easy cheesy potato wedges or fries to serve at this years 4th of July celebration (or any day)? This recipe is quick, easy and delicious!
finished parfait
Raw Berry Compote Parfaits
June 27, 2021
Recipe by Tracy Childs While most compotes are made from cooked fruit, this one is raw. The chia seeds and dates give it an amazing, thick consistency. It is also one of the most versatile recipes! Use it as you would jelly on toast, oatmeal and pancakes, or for a fruity topping for any dessert. It’s also very tasty plain! Not too sweet or too tart! You could also add some cranberries to make an amazing cranberry sauce for holiday meals.
homemade salsa and chips
Oil Free Chips & Summer Salsa
June 26, 2021
Craving that crunchy and fresh chips and salsa summery fun? Now you can have it homemade and oil-free for a healthier version of the same great crunch and flavor.
lemon rice
Lemon Rice
June 24, 2021
A quick, easy, super flavorful Indian inspired lemon rice recipe prepared in an Instant Pot.
vegan ribs and mac and cheese
June 23, 2021
Looking to impress your non-vegan friends with some "ribs" for lunch? This recipe will have anyone saying YUM! It is super easy to make and so delicious!
vegan chicken and pancakes
Vegan Chikn
June 23, 2021
Make this vegan chicken to top the vegan pancakes for a take on the wildly popular chicken and waffles dish. Only this is cruelty free with all the same flavor!
pancake mix used
Vegan Protein Pancakes
June 23, 2021
Make these protein packed vegan pancakes paired with vegan chicken for a take on the popular chicken and waffles dish.
Spinach and Strawberry Salad
June 23, 2021
A quick and easy flavorful summer side salad you will love.
savory oats recipe
Savory oats (Oats upma)
June 22, 2021
This Indian inspired savory oats dish that will blow your mind with its flavor. This recipe is simple to make, perfect for those days when you don't have much time to cook.
broccoli soup
Vegan Cream of Broccoli Soup
June 20, 2021
This soup is so simple to make and so creamy and delicious. It is a must try!
The OG Raw Pickled Beets Sushi
June 20, 2021
This vegan sushi meal is the perfect meal for Fathers Day or any day! The sushi is made from picked beets, bringing a beautiful color to the finished product.
couscous salad recipe
Couscous Salad
June 18, 2021
This is couscous with a blend of seasonings, agave syrup, beans and chopped veggies. 
vegan mushroom jerky burger
Mushroom Jerky BBQ Burger
June 17, 2021
Looking for a quick, flavorful vegan burger to throw together? This mushroom jerky BBQ burger is the bomb and will satisfy you with every messy bite!
vegan nachos
Loaded Vegan Nachos
June 16, 2021
Craft these plant-powered nachos in under fifteen minutes with easy kitchen ingredients for a fun, delicious and filling meal! Packed with beans, corn, pico de gallo, guacamole, vegan queso and more, these loaded nachos are perfect for a dinner at home, a party appetizer, or game time!
vegan crunch wrap
Vegan Crunch Wrap
June 15, 2021
This crunch wrap is heaven with every crunchy bite. Filled with beans, chorizo, and all the perfect toppings that make for the perfect party in your mouth. It is a must try.
finished oat vegan queso
Vegan Oat Queso
June 15, 2021
Oat Queso - a plant-based queso that everyone can eat. The main ingredient is rolled oats, and if you use gluten-free oats this dish is gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and oil-free!
vegan truffles
Basic Bittersweet Vegan Chocolate Truffles
June 11, 2021
After serving hundreds of truffles made with nondairy milk, I am convinced that they taste more chocolatey than their heavy cream–based counterparts. Thin with more plant milk to make a pouring ganache. Makes About 30 (1-inch/2.5-cm) Truffles
Berry Good Breakfast Berry Bowl
June 10, 2021
Looking for a breakfast that only takes minutes to throw together and is full of all kinds of nutrients? This Berry Bowl is perfect! It carries a crunch with every bite and is full of all the nutty flavors you love.
finished quinoa bowl recipe
Quinoa Artichoke Salad
June 9, 2021
This quick recipe is super filling, healthy, and full of flavor. With it's high fiber and protein content it is sure to keep you satisfied for a good amount of time.
the finished vegan eggrolls
Portobella Cheesesteak Egg Rolls
June 9, 2021
You can have a delicious fried vegan egg roll treat with this simple recipe. These portobello cheesesteak egg rolls anre incredible! They use portobello mushrooms for the base filling, perfect to mimic steak.
pancake in a mug
Banana Pancake In A Mug
June 6, 2021
Lookoing for a fast breakfast with that sweet treat taste? This banana pancake in a mug takes only a few minutes to make and is so fluffy and delicious. Top it with your favorite toppings and enjoy!
The finished vegan Quiche
Easy, Delicious Vegan Quiche! Packed With Flavor and Goodness.
June 5, 2021
This dish will impress everyone! Try it for breakfast or lunch, and be sure to bring this tasty dish to the next potluck! Make it in advance!  You can fully bake the quiche and refrigerate after it has cooled (keep it covered). Then you can reheat in the oven at 350 degrees F for 30-40 minutes.
a recipe for key lime pie, vegan
Key Lime Avocado Pie
June 4, 2021
This Key Lime Pie is a refreshingly sweet and tart tropical dessert that wins over everyone's tastebuds!   And it's so easy to create!  No cream, no eggs, no butter, and no processed graham crackers. A creamy tart and sweet lime pudding sits atop a sweet walnut and oat crust. I have always loved creamy Key Lime Pie, but could not give in to my cravings because of the butter and cream. Fresh avocados with a splash of coconut milk are the secret to this much-loved traditional recipe.
vegan quiche ready to eat
Compassionate Cuisine’s Vegan Quiche with Spinach, Mushroom, and Sausage
June 3, 2021
Quiche has endured since the ‘70s because of its great taste, festive appearance (what’s not to love about a savory breakfast in a pie shell?), and its chameleon-like ability to adapt to a variety of delicious seasonings. Better yet, it can easily be made vegan by substituting tofu and cashews for the eggs typically used in this dish, without losing any of the familiar texture. While cashews add a nice added creaminess, you could leave them out for a nut-free version. This Spinach, Mushroom and “Sausage” Quiche is full of spinach, garlicky mushrooms, and vegan sausage, though you could easily omit the sausage in favor of more mushrooms. For an easy vegan frittata, skip the pie crust and spread the filling in an oiled 8-inch square baking dish, and bake until firm. It’s amazing to know that we don’t need eggs to create a quiche that will please all kinds of eaters!
Vegan Deviled Eggs
June 2, 2021
Do you miss having deviled eggs since going vegan? Not anymore! This vegan deviled eggs recipe will blow your mind with it's flavor and texture. The recipe is simple and is sure to become a big hit at your next party, BBQ, or gathering.
Cranberry-Feta Crostini
May 31, 2021
Looking for an easy, yet beautful looking vegan appetizer for your dinner party? This plant-based Cranberry-Feta Crostini is super simple to make and comes with a whole lotta flavor.
BBQ Kale
May 30, 2021
Ever thrown kale on the BBQ? Yes it is possible and the results are amazing. Just crispy enough and oh so tasty!
beyond burgers
BBQ Grilled Potatoes
May 30, 2021
Have you ever grilled potatoes on a BBQ? Well, it is possible and they are delicious! So simple to make and a perfect addition for any holiday BBQ.
rainbow quinoa and vegan cheese sauce
Rainbow Quinoa with Cheeezy drizzle
May 28, 2021
This dish uses white quinoa, ginger and variety of vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, onions, rainbow of carrots, microgreens and avocado. We drizzle this dish with a super cheeezy sauce (this is a seed based cheeez sauce that utilizes supersedes – it’s deliciously cheeezy and adds a whole new dimension to the dish).  
sweet potato salad
Caribbean Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad
May 27, 2021
Like a tropical breeze that beckons you to relax and linger in your lounge chair, this festive warm-weather dish invites you to slow down and dine on island time so you can enjoy the vibrant colors, bright flavors, and playful textures. In one mouthful, you’ll taste the caramel soulfulness of the roasted sweet potatoes, in another, the spiciness of the cayenne and garlic, then the crunch of the salty peanuts. Wait, what’s that? Oh yes! The sweet, fresh, creamy burst of corn. Perfection!    This is one of the many delicious recipes in our Compassionate Cuisine cookbook: order yours at !
Pulled Mushroom Barbecue Sandwiches
May 26, 2021
30 Minutes or Less, Leftover-Friendly, Nut-Free, Plan Ahead   Mushrooms are one of those vegetables that people either love or hate. I grew up thinking I hated them. They were weird and slimy—and for some reason, they came from a can. As an adult, I discovered fresh mushrooms and they quickly became my one of my favorite veggies. In teaching cooking classes, I’ve found that self-professed mushroom haters don’t mind them when they’re chopped and smothered with a sauce. I think these sandwiches would get the mushroom haters’ seal of approval, but you can make them with thinly sliced seitan instead of mushrooms if you like.  
vegan BBQ pulled mushroom sandwhich and homemade BBQ sauce
Barbecue Sauce
May 26, 2021
30 Minutes or Less, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Leftover-Friendly   Different regions of the United States all have their own versions of barbecue sauce, but most start with a base of tomatoes, vinegar, and spices. I’m from New Jersey and—full disclosure—we don’t know much about barbecue sauce in our neck of the woods. We like to cook with it, but we don’t know anything about making it. This is my own take on various sauces I’ve tried and liked. Use it as a condiment on burgers or sandwiches, as a marinade for tofu and tempeh, or as a dipping sauce for roasted veggies or fries.
Broccoli Pesto Penne: vegan pasta recipe
Broccoli Pesto Penne
May 25, 2021
This tasty vegan pasta recipe is made with a plant-based creamy pesto sauce made from broccoli, walnuts, vegan cheese, garlic, oil, and coconut milk. The flavor is outstanding and the creaminess is off the charts.
Veggie McMuffin
Dirty Weekend Sandwich: Veggie McMuffin
May 24, 2021
Dirty Weekend Sandwich - warning: this is NOT one of those super healthy breakfasts... It's for when you're having a craving for something junky.  My partner and I created this recipe together, so I can't take all the credit for it!  He is a master of creating veganized versions of junky foods.  The recipe has evolved over time, and has several variations based on hungry/junky you're feeling that day.  The sandwich is a take on the McDonald's Egg McMuffin.
Easy Grilled Teriyaki Veggie, Pineapple & Tofu Bowl
May 22, 2021
Looking for a delicious sweet and spicy veggie bowl...this recipe is perfect! It is full of veegies, sweet pineapple, and tofu...for some added protein.
Mexican Lasagna ingredients
Vegan Mexican Lasgana
May 21, 2021
This is a favorite one-pot Instant Pot meal. It is flavorful and filling and is whole food plant-based with no added salt, oil, or sugar. This meal is nutrient dense and delish!
chickpea salad sandwich
Chickpea Salad Sandwich
May 20, 2021
This mixture is reminiscent of a tuna salad, but much healthier, and also tastier! Recipe from Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton.
Wacky Vegan Chocolate Cake
May 18, 2021
Also known as depression cake, the batter for this quirky old-school chocolate cake is stirred together right in the baking pan (no mixing bowl required!), which is how it earned its name. The cake recipe also contains no eggs or milk, which is why it was a popular treat during lean times. Wacky Cake is delicious eaten on its own, especially with a cold glass of plant milk, but we added a layer of fudgy frosting and chopped toasted pecans to make it more decadent. Some testers said it reminded them of a Texas Sheet Cake but much easier to pull off. Make sure to sift the dry ingredients right into the baking pan, don’t just combine everything in the pan and stir it up. Sifting makes the cake light and tender. If you don’t have a sifter, don’t worry—you can use a fine-mesh strainer instead. 
beyond burger recipe bowl
Vegan Sheepdog Bowl
May 17, 2021
This is a family-friendly recipe that has all the deliciousness you want in one big bowl.  It is a super easy meal to make and is perfect for grilling season!  You can use whatever vegetables you love and even add in your own favorite spices.  This recipe is so versatile, so make it your own.  
Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo
Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo
May 16, 2021
Ready for some creamy, delicious Alfredo...totally plant-based? This recipe is so easy to make and so creamy, you will never know it is vegan. The secret ingredients....CASHEWS!
salad to go recipe
Roadside Salad To Go
May 13, 2021
This is a 4-Step Quick Roadside Salad you will want to take everywhere with you! Mix up an easy, hearty salad with chickpeas, mango, pineapple, fresh greens, and other seasonal veggies easily found at grocery stores globally.  
delicious salads
The BEST Warm Potato, Kale, and Pepitas Salad recipe!
May 11, 2021
Looking for a delicious and healthy new salad recipe? This warm potato and kale salad with roasted pepitas is perfect. Its super easy to make and is perfection in every bite.
vegan crab cakes
Recipe For Vegan Crab Cakes
May 10, 2021
Looking to veganize some Crab Cakes? You've come to the right place. This simple recipe will have all your non-vegan friends fooled with their incredible flavor and texture.
vegan pizza bagels
Vegan Pizza Bagels
May 10, 2021
Looking to recreate those Bagel Bites or Pizza Bagels from when you were a kid? We have the perfect recipe for you. This vegan version is super easy, with just 6 steps, and they are so incredibly tasty!
Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Dip
May 7, 2021
Craving that delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip? You can now have it, veganized, with the same great taste and texture, minus the cruelty! This dip is so easy to make and is sure to be a favorite of all your friends and family!
mother's day recipes nacho pancakes
Savory Vegan Nacho Pancakes
May 6, 2021
Allergen Notes: Nut-free, soy-free (check ingredient labels of vegan milk, cheese, and sour cream to avoid allergens) Wake up breakfast pancakes–it's time to try something new! Turn sweet pancakes into something savory and enjoy them for lunch or dinner. This recipe incorporates some of the ingredients you might find in a platter of nachos and is just as simple to make. A quick sauté of colorful veggies and a few humble toppings is all you need. Black beans add texture and protein. The recipe is scrumptious with the toppings mentioned here, but if you need a cheese fix, make the cheese sauce from our cookbook, Compassionate Cuisine, or try Trader Joe's vegan nacho cheese sauce. Perfect when you want breakfast for dinner!
BBQ Jackfruit Taco Recipe
BBQ pulled Jackfruit Tacos, Sandwich, or a bowl.
May 6, 2021
Looking for a great recipe for Taco Tuesday? These BBQ Jackfruit Tacos are perfect. The Jackfruit absorbs flavor like crazy and has the perfect "pulled pork" texture. Make them as tacos, a sandwich, or a bowl, or even sliders!
Princess Cinco De Mayo Soup, OG Raw Pickled Salad, Misha's Guac, and Trish's Tacos
May 4, 2021
This is the perfect Cinco De Mayo full meal...with soup, tacos, and all the toppings. Everything is 100% plant-based and the secret ingredient used in these recipes is The OG, A Savory Orange Ginger Sesame Vinaigrette & Marinade.
vegan buffalo chicken salad
Vegan Buffalo Chicken Crunchy Noodle Salad
May 3, 2021
-- a fresh, cabbage-based salad with a sesame oil vinaigrette and Clean South Buffalo Wings for an abundance of flavor & protein! ​Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Salad​w/ sesame-ginger dressing​​ Ready in 15 minutes ​Serves 4 people as meal or 6-8 as side dish​
Black Bean Fettuccine with Lemon Garlic Turmeric Sauce

May 3, 2021
Looking for a guilt-free easy yet beautiful vegan pasta dish to impress your friends with? Give this Black Bean Fettuccine with Lemon Garlic Turmeric Sauce and try.
Salvadoran Vegan Ceviche
April 30, 2021
Salvadoran style recipe for vegan shrimp or Hearts of Palm infused with lemon juice, veggies & seasoning. Dish is best served when cold.
vegan nachos
Vegan Nachos
April 30, 2021
Simple, Non-spicy, Soy Free, Plant-Based Nachos
vegan kebabs
Oven "Grilled' Vegan Kebabs
April 29, 2021
Don't have access to an outdoor grill? No problem! This warm weather classic - vegan kebabs - turns out just as delicious when cooked in the oven. Featuring fresh veggies like red onion, bell pepper, cherry tomato, and mushroom (plus, your favorite plant-based protein!), you'll have a dish that's packed full of flavor.
vegan steak and mushroom sauce over noodles
April 28, 2021
This vegan Salisbury UN-steak is remarkably delicious. Smothered in mushroom sauce atop a bed of noodles, and you have the perfect comfort dish.
vegan pizza recipe
Low Carb Vegan Pizza
April 26, 2021
We all love pizza, so you will love this easy 6 step recipe that is low carb and high protein. It is bursting with flavor so you are sure to impress all your friends and family with this simple dish.
vegan fish filet and grits
Vegan Fish Fillet by Sophia’s Kitchen
April 25, 2021
Even vegans can have a crispy fried fish filet. Add some delicious grits and a side salad and you have the perfect meal.
vegan fish un-toona slad
Vegan Un-Toona
April 25, 2021
Who says you can't have Tuna as a vegan? This fresh and delicious plant-based Tuna Salad recipe is super delicious, giving you that "fishy" flavor you expect in Tuna, but without all the cruelty.
Mediterranean White Bean Dip
Mediterranean White Bean Dip
April 25, 2021
A simple and delicious bean dip you can use as a dip, or smother in your wraps.
vegan wrap
Baked Mediterranean Wraps
April 25, 2021
Baking your wraps in the oven for a few minutes adds a nice crunch and helps the flavors meld together nicely.
vegan collard wrap
Nutty Collard Fruit Wraps (makes 1 wrap)
April 25, 2021
Recipe by Tracy Childs You won’t believe the ease and versatility of making a delicious snack or breakfast from a simple collard! They are low in calories and high in many nutrients including a great source of plant-based calcium! Our favorite fillings for this wrap include peanut butter and bananas, but many combinations will work great. For a different texture, you can dip the wrap in boiling water for about 10 seconds before removing the stem and filling.
Dustin and his one-pot meals
April 22, 2021
  Who doesn't love cheese pizza? Dustin has crafted my love of cheese pizza and has shared it with us. How lucky are we? For this version, he offers options to make it deluxe, or feel free to stay as basic as you wish to get it done in minutes. It’s your call. Either way, you will be left with some crunchy thin-crust mini bites of cheese pizza goodness for your guests, or just yourself if you’re not one to share your pizza. I always have intentions to share buuuuttttt . . .
Dustin and his one-pot meals
April 22, 2021
This vegan cheese makes any dish pop from tostadas to pasta, and it is super easy to make. If you don’t have a food processor, use your blender and pulse it until desired consistency is reached. You will need to scrape the sides down often in a blender to make sure you get all the bits. It will take a little extra time, but you will get to the parmesan-crumble consistency eventually—and it will be well worth it, promise.
Dustin and his one-pot meals
Presto Pesto
April 22, 2021
Nothing like a fresh homemade pesto for all your pesto needs. This is a simple and flavorful recipe you are sure to love.
Dustin and his one-pot meals
April 22, 2021
Going vegan means no more boxes with powdered pouches of cheese for easy macaroni and cheese. Or does it? Fortunately, there are a couple of vegan brands on the market these days. But if knowing every ingredient that goes into your system is your thing (applause to you), then this is the mac for you! It’s got a healthy dose of miso for gut health, and creamy vegan butter and nutritional yeast bring out the nostalgic cheesy flavors we crave in a mac and cheese.  
Marinated Portobello Mushrooms
Marinated Portobello Mushrooms and Rosemery Beans
April 22, 2021
The portly portobello mushroom is a hearty ingredient that can easily take center stage for the main course. Marinating and roasting brings out its best, creating a deep, rich flavor and meaty texture. And as if they were made for each other, a bed of creamy, rosemary-infused white beans beckons the juicy slices of mushroom to lusciously adorn it. Marinate the mushrooms in advance to create a simple but elegant meal that comes together quickly. Serve with your favorite vegetable or get your greens in by sautéing kale or chard in a pan with a little oil, garlic, and salt. Or better yet, massage raw kale with salt, lemon juice, and a little oil for a light, fresh addition to this scrumptious meal. Done drooling yet?
 Moroccan Vegan Sweet Potato Salad  
April 21, 2021
This Moroccan Sweet Potato Salad is easy, exotic, full of flavor, and super tasty with homemade dressing, perfect to impress your guests.
vegan ribs
Beyond Vegan Ribs
April 21, 2021
This recipe is a favorite for many and is so easy to make. You can make these vegan ribs with whatever your favorite plant-based meat alternative is...such as Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. There are only 6 steps for this delicious recipe, so give it a try.
vegan Tuna Melt Wrap
Grilled Chickpea Tuna Melt Wrap with Old Bae
April 19, 2021
Are you craving a Tuna Melt Wrap, but don't want to eat fish anymore? This vegan version will rock your tastebuds. It is made with Chickpeas and uses Old Bay seasoning and Seaweed to give you that fishy flavor you are craving, without any cruelty!
vegan Meatloaf
Vegan Meatloaf
April 18, 2021
This vegan Meatloaf will remind you of the classic Grandma used to make. It is 100% plant-based and 100% delicious.
Cheese Sauce ingredients
Chipotle Cheesy Sauce 
April 16, 2021
Most vegan cheesy sauces have a lot of nuts (usually cashews). Some people are avoiding nuts for various reasons (ex: allergies, weight loss, heart disease), and this sauce calls for heart-healthy hemp seeds along with tofu! It is wonderful used in the Chickpea and Greens Mini Frittatas, but also makes a great slightly spicy mac & cheese (bean pasta recommended). Serve over baked potatoes, steamed veggies, drizzled on Mexican casserole dishes or your favorite bean/veggie/grain bowl combination.
vegan chickpea frittatas
Chickpea & Greens Mini Frittatas
April 16, 2021
Recipe adapted from Jill Ovnick’s recipe These are simple to make, much healthier than eggs and so savory & yummy!
vegan cheesy meatballs
Beyond Cheesy  Meatballs 
April 15, 2021
Looking to up your vegan meatball game? Try stuffing them with ooey-gooey plant-based cheese. You will soon be very popular with your friend and family gatherings if you make and share these heavenly morsels.
Avocado Toast Recipe
Holy Moly Avocado Toast With a Spicy Twist
April 14, 2021
Avocado Toast is a favorite meal for many, and comes in all sorts of forms and ingredients. This recipe is special because it has a bit of heat with every bite. So if you like spice, give it a try.
vegan fresh power bowl
Fresh Power Bowl
April 11, 2021
There are a ton of different types of power bowls to choose from, but this one is so jam packed with nutrition and flavor, it is sure to become one of your favorites.
buddha bowl recipe
Vegan Oyster Mushroom Buddha Bowl
April 10, 2021
Buddha Bowls are simple to make and so delicious. This one is made with oyster mushrooms, special sauce, and ginger-scented quinoa. Everything in this bowl brings you a burst of flavor you will love.
Compassionate “Crab” Cakes with Remoulade Sauce
April 8, 2021
This recipe is included in our cookbook Compassionate Cuisine: 125 Plant-Based Recipes from Our Vegan Kitchen (
If your heart swoons for crab cakes in the summer but you want a more compassionate solution to your craving, this recipe is a must. With two options to replace the crab, you can decide which you like best; hearts of palm, an ingredient found jarred or in cans in most grocery stores; or jackfruit, a large tropical fruit that is most often purchased in cans. Both have their merits. Both are delicious. When using jackfruit, add an extra heaping tablespoon of vegan mayonnaise because the volume in one can is more. We use kelp flakes to add a bit of briny, seaside taste: Find them in the global aisle of well-stocked grocery stores. Light, crispy, and so flavorful, these compassionate “crab” cakes are always the hit of the party when we serve them at the Sanctuary. Lovely as an appetizer or main course served with fries or salad greens. If you want to be wildly popular, we encourage you to make these frequently.
Nigerian Tomato Stew
April 7, 2021
This Nigerian Tomato Stew is a staple dish in West Africa, popular for its flavor and ease in preparation. It is a filling dish, full of nutrients and deliciousness. Pour it over rice, make a side of plantains to go along with it!
White Bean Vegan Shakshuka
April 5, 2021
Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Kid-Friendly, One-Pan/One-Pot Shakshuka is a Mediterranean dish that consists of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers, and onion. It’s something that’s easily veganized using tofu. This recipe also added some beans, adding more protein, fiber, and texture. It’s often served for breakfast, but it’s a dinner dish in some countries. Serve it as is or with cooked rice or roasted potatoes.
The finished Käsespätzle
Vegan Käsespätzle
April 5, 2021
This is a traditional German dish that has been veganized to perfection. You still have that cheesy, doughy goodness, without all the cruelty.
Cauliflower Fried Rice
Cauliflower Fried Rice
April 5, 2021
Cauliflower Fried Rice is a healthy choice, made with Cauliflower instead of traditional rice. It is a lower carb option and is packed with plant-based nutrients. A very simple recipe to make, so give it a try.
Veggie Stir Fry
Powerhouse Plant Based Veggie Stir Fry
April 3, 2021
This Powerhouse Veggie Stir Fry is gluten-free and packed with a punch. It is simple to make, full of nutrients and macros, and totally delicious.
vegan Pakora
Air-Fried Pakora
April 3, 2021
Pakora is a fried snack originally from India. You can find it across South Asia especially in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is traditionally a deep-fried fritter. Flour is used for coating the veggies and then they are generally deep-fried in oil. This recipe makes a vegan healthier version, using an air-fryer that requires far less oil but provides the same crispy delicious outcome.
vegan lasagna
One Person Vegan Lasagna Recipe
April 2, 2021
Looking for a quick and easy vegan Lasagna recipe for one? This recipe is so simple to make with only 5 steps. It is packed with flavor and protein and all the goodness you are looking for in traditional Lasagna.  
Tonia and her Lasagna Soup
March 31, 2021
This is the creamiest and tastiest Lasagna Soup. The base is made from Cashews, giving it that velvety yumminess in every bite. It has just the right spices for your cheesy Italian flavor. This recipe is simple to make and is sure to be a family favorite.
Tokyo Street Fries With Asian Seasoning
Tokyo Street Fries
March 31, 2021
This is an Asian seasoning that can be used on many different snack foods or meals to level-up your flavor. Try the Tokyo Street Fries and see how you like it.
Bean Vermicelli with Chinese dried mushroom and green onions. Asian Recipes.
Bean Vermicelli with Chinese dried mushroom and green onions.
March 30, 2021
Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce. Asian recipes
Chinese Broccoli in Garlic Sauce
March 30, 2021
Silken Tofu with garlic black beans. Asian recipes
Silken Tofu with garlic black beans
March 30, 2021
Five spice tofu and Smoked tofu with Chinese chives ) 25 G protein
March 30, 2021
Seitan with preserved mustard greens (16 g. Protein)
March 30, 2021
Arroz Gata Filipino. Asian recipes.
Arroz Gata Filipino
March 30, 2021
vegan waffles
Vegan Waffles
March 29, 2021
These vegan Waffles are a family favorite...fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Drench them with your favorite plant-based butter and maple all the toppings you love.
Taco Salad Recipe
Vegan Taco Salad
March 27, 2021
We’ll take tacos any day of the week, even in salad form. Here, El Capitán, our vegan chorizo crumbles, top a cabbage and arugula salad with fresh mango, avocado, and red onion. Avocado-cilantro dressing and crunchy tortilla chips garnish this perfect (and quick!) meal.
healthy dessert chia berry parfait
Mixed Berry Chia Pudding
March 26, 2021
You can make this as a stand-alone treat or use it to make an amazing Berry Chia Parfait!
healthy dessert chia berry parfait
Berry Chia Parfait
March 26, 2021
Chia pudding is so easy to make and delicious! Chia seeds are high in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids which are excellent for brain and heart health, not to mention anti-inflammatory. And berries are so full of antioxidants, you'll want to consume them every day! Here's a delicious way to do just that! Using frozen bananas provides a surprisingly creamy texture to your parfait. Easy, low-fat, and delicious! Who could ask for more? Don't forget to include our Buckwheat Cinnamon Crunch Granola and either Mighty Mocha or Double Chocolate Cookies for a really amazing treat!
Strawberry Waffles topped with Hot Sauce and Pepper Caulifyah Wings
March 25, 2021
Simple. Delicious. Kid-friendly. This vegan Waffles recipe and Caulifyah Wings (cauliflower wings) are perfect for your family Sunday brunch.
Kheer- Indian recipes
3-ingredient Kheer (Sweet Rice Pudding)
March 24, 2021
This is a super easy and healthier dessert alternative recipe for the Sweet Rice Pudding you crave.
Finished vegan Indian recipesShahee Paneer
Shahee Paneer 
March 24, 2021
Dairy-free, Oil-free, Sugar-free
Shitake Mushroom Crisps
The OG TM Shiitake Mushroom Chips
March 24, 2021
Shiitake mushrooms are known to boost the immune system. Benefits can include lower cholesterol, ability to fight prostate cancer, and can display anti-aging qualities in the human body. For a delicious and crunchy snack, add The OG TM and Shiitake mushrooms to create an alternative and healthy snack. These savory chips add crunch to your salad, sandwich, or anything that needs that final touch.
Finished vegan Shepherd's Pie
The OG Vegan Shepherd's Pie
March 24, 2021
The OG Shepherd's Pie is a perfect dinner for two. It can also be a great solo meal with leftovers that last perfectly for days. Our pie is so savory and robust that non-vegans can’t believe it’s not meat. The eggplant is so soft with the OG it becomes like butter! Vegan Shepherd's pie is best served with a side green salad topped with The OG TM vinaigrette dressing. The excess dressing seeps into the pie for an extra savory experience and salad crunch.  
vegan shawarma
vegan shawarma

March 23, 2021
This is traditional Middle Eastern Shawarma that has been veganized to perfection. A recipe you must try and are sure to enjoy. So get your pita bread ready!
Beyond Meat Remix
March 22, 2021
This is a fresh new way to cook up your Beyond Meat Beef for some added flair. It's a delicious combo, perfect for wrapping in a tortiall or just eating on its own.
Ají Sin Gallina (Vegan 'chicken' cream)
March 22, 2021
This vegan Cream of "Chicken" recipe is so quick and easy, and can be poured over rice or potatoes for a simple quick meal.
vegan lobster rolls and burro fries
Burro Fries
March 20, 2021
Who knew you could make fries out of Burro Bananas? This is a simple recipe and the outcome is delicious!
Vegan Lobster Rolls and Burro fries
Hearts of Palm Vegan Lobster Roll
March 20, 2021
You will love the texture and flavor of this delicious Lobster Roll, made with 100% plant-based ingredients. Fool your non-vegan friends with this perfect meal.
St. Patricks Day recipes Nice Cream
Mint Chip Nice Cream
March 17, 2021
This is a very easy way to create yummy & refreshing minty Nice Cream: a healthy, vegan, low-cal, fat-free version of ice cream, made from frozen bananas and other fruit!
Bubbles and Squeak St. Patrick's Day recipe
Cheesy, Oil-Free Bubble and Squeak
March 17, 2021
Makes 9-10 thick cakes (about 3-4 servings) Have you ever noticed that cruciferous veggies “squeak” as you chew them? This is a vegan and oil-free variation of a traditional Irish recipe created to use up leftover mashed potatoes and farm-fresh cruciferous veggies (like cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli). Colcannon is the un-fried version. This version starts from scratch, assuming you don’t have left-over potatoes on hand and teaches you an innovative way to make the creamiest mashed potatoes without butter! Make a lot – it’s even better leftover.
Tonia showing off her finished meal
March 16, 2021
This Sweet and Tangy Sauce is perfect to pour over so many of your plant-based meals. Pour it on your stir fry, your rice, your vegan chicken, or whatever you desire.
Vegan Sushi with Miso Tahini Sauce
March 16, 2021
Make some beautiful easy vegan sushi that is perfect for parties or gatherings. Combine it with a homemade Miso Tahini sauce, and you are in business.
Tofu Scramble on bread
Scrumptious Tofu Scramble!
March 15, 2021
Make a quick, easy, and nutritious vegan Tofu Scramble with all the veggies you love.
vegan picadillo
Vegan Picadillo
March 15, 2021
Every Cuban family that I know has their own recipe for Picadillo. In this rendition, ground soy was substituted for ground beef and it comes out just as delicious and the original version, and better for your heart’s health. Always serve Picadillo with fluffy white rice, black beans, and plenty of bread. Enjoy this delicious and easy recipe!
finished vegan stew
Unity Vegan Stew
March 13, 2021
Unity Vegan Stew will keep you full, is filled with nutrition, and you'll be feeling warm through and through. Tailor the ingredients to your liking. This is a simple recipe to make. Enjoy.
easy vegan recipes
Lettuce Wrappers Delight 
March 12, 2021
easy vegan recipes
Black Power Vegan Salad
March 12, 2021
Cooked Seitan
Homemade Vegan Italian Sausage (Seitan)
March 10, 2021
These flavorful sausages, made with simple ingredients, are fun and easy to whip up in your kitchen. Vital wheat gluten is found in many grocery stores today or can be ordered online. It’s used to make a versatile food called seitan which is high in protein and can be used to create many meatless dishes. Experiment with different spices and herbs to change the flavor profile. Once the sausages are steamed, they can be grilled, fried, or used in soups and stews. You’ll be surprised at how easy these are to make and how delicious homemade vegan sausage can be. The dough can also be shaped into cutlets!
Mahalo Bowl
Mahalo Smoothie Bowl 
March 9, 2021
A refreshing Smoothie Bowl, simple to make, full of nutrients, and packed with flavor.
The finished vegan chocolate mousse
Vegan Chocolate Mousse
March 8, 2021
Use avocado to make a creamy, smooth, delicious dairy-free Chocolate Mousse that everyone is sure to love.
closer look plant-based chicken casserole
March 8, 2021
Use plant-based chicken for this vegan cheesy broccoli and "chick'n" casserole that will wow the whole family.
Vegan Pho 
March 6, 2021
This Pho soup is filled with so much flavor, it is sure to bring you comfort on a cold winter night.
vegan shepherds pie
Vegan Shepherd's Pie
March 5, 2021
So you thought you couldn't have Shepherd's Pie as a vegan? WRONG! This is a delicious vegan version of the classic dish, packed with plant-based meat alternatives that will fool any non-vegan who tries it.
nut parm ingredients
Nut Parmesan
March 4, 2021
This is an excellent replacement for dairy based parmesan!
Tofu Ricotta
March 4, 2021
Needing some plant-based Ricotta for your Italian recipe? This recipe is perfect!
zucchini lasagna
Lazy Zucchini Lasagna
March 4, 2021
This is the perfect recipe for those lazy days. It is a family favorite that also makes for delicious leftovers!
Raw Vegan Cashew Apple Cheesecake Topping
March 2, 2021
Raw vegan cashew apple cheesecake
Bonita Applebaum
March 2, 2021
Raw vegan cashew apple cheesecake
Raw Vegan Sunflower Seed Pie Crust
March 2, 2021
Make this tasty raw pie crust that requires no cooking and it totally delicious!
The finished vegan quiche
Vegan Quiche Lorraine
February 27, 2021
This vegan Quiche is super fluffy and delicious. It is perfect for a brunch with friends or family, or simply eat a giant piece for breakfast!
Caribbean Jerk Mushroom Jasmine Rice
February 26, 2021
A Caribbean dish that is simple to make, vegan, and oh so delicious. Watch your mushrooms turn this dish into a flavorful masterpiece.
Sriracha Mayo
February 25, 2021
The perfect sushi sauce with a little bit of spice.
vegan sushi tomato tuna
Vegan Sushi: Tomato “Tuna”
February 25, 2021
This Tomato "Tuna" gives you the texture and taste you expect, without any of the cruelty!
vegan sushi portobello unagi
Vegan Sushi: Portobello Unagi
February 25, 2021
Portobello Unagi is the vegan version of "Eel." The portobello gives it the perfect texture for this sushi.
Burmese Tofu
Soy-Free Burmese Tofu
February 24, 2021
A soy-free delicious Burmese Tofu that is super versatile and delicious in many dishes. Or just eat them as crispy dippers.
February 23, 2021
*If you’re looking to give your immune system a boost during cold and flu season, this is the perfect nourishing immunity-boosting soup for you! It’s packed with vegetables and includes turmeric for a multi-vitamin antioxidant infusion. Plus, it has the most delightful flavor! Turmeric, ginger, and garlic contain powerful antioxidants and are natural anti-inflammatories. Between the turmeric, ginger, garlic, lime juice, and vegetables, you’re getting vitamin and antioxidant infusion, giving your natural immunity a kick.
Sofrito Recipe
February 21, 2021
Use this Sofrito recipe to add some Puerto Rican flavor to your dish. It's simple and delicious.
3 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Mousse
February 21, 2021
Craving a sweet chocolatey treat? This vegan chocolate mousse is super velvety, delicious, and only 3 ingredients.
Vegan chicken alfredo
Vegan Chicken Alfredo
February 20, 2021
Who says you can't have "chicken alfredo" as a vegan?
Tasty Tofu with Magic Sauce, Broccoli, and Rice
February 18, 2021
Tonia Carrier vegan Muffaletta
February 17, 2021
The classic New Orleans sandwich combines a homemade olive salad with layers of thin-sliced Italian cold cuts, but we made it vegan! Let it rest before eating so the olive juices get absorbed into the bread.
Finsihed vegan fried rice for a plant-based diet
Vegan Fried Rice Made With Just Egg
February 16, 2021
slicing tofu
Baked Tofu (Tastes like fried)
February 16, 2021
dragon fruit bowl
Dragon Fruit Bowl
February 14, 2021
vegan tacos
Gardien Tacos
February 12, 2021
The finished tempeh quinoa bowl
Quinoa & Tempeh Bowl
February 11, 2021
Tri-Color Black Bean Salad Pasta
February 10, 2021
Quick and Easy “Salsa Celebration Rice”
February 9, 2021
“Lean, Mean, Green Rice”
February 9, 2021
“Beep with Broccoli”
February 9, 2021
“DelSchilling’s Awesome Sauce”
February 9, 2021
no bake love bites
No-Bake Love Bites
February 8, 2021
Nice cream cubes
We all scream for NICE CREAM Cubes!
February 8, 2021
The finished vegan egg salad sandwich
Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich
February 8, 2021
Recipe Courtesy of TryVeg
Stephanie showing off her vegan bowl
I'm Busy Bountiful Vegan Bowl
February 6, 2021
The quick piled high tofu, veggie & rice bowl stacked with flavor when you need to eat fast between meetings.  
Banana Fosters
February 3, 2021
Banana Fosters
February 3, 2021
Savannah fried rice
Vegan Savannah Style Red Rice and Sausage 
February 2, 2021
Finished Moroccan dish
Ingredients for Vegetable mixture:
February 2, 2021
Finished Moroccan dish
Ingredients for spice mixture (Ras El Hanout)
February 2, 2021
ropa vieja
Ropa Vieja (Originally Savory Beef Hash - Butler's Soy Curls or Seitan substitute for the Beef) 
January 31, 2021
(Can be found on pg 97 of 'Its Delicious, it's Cuban, It's Vegan') The English translation of Ropa Vieja is literally “Old Clothes”. I know it doesn’t sound appetizing but don’t let the title fool you, this is a delicious savory dish. In this rendition, Seitan or Soy Curls are substituted for the beef. Seitan and soy curls are great meat substitutes. They both remain firm when cooked and both absorb the flavors of the recipe you are cooking. I serve this savory dish with white rice, sweet plantains and lots of bread to sponge up the sauce. Enjoy!
The finished Borek
Vegan Spinach and Tofu Borek
January 31, 2021
creamy vegan alfredo sauce
Creamy Alfredo Sauce
January 30, 2021
Cheesy Nacho Sauce
January 28, 2021
vegan nachos
Vegan Stovetop Chili Nachos
January 28, 2021
Vegan fried fish sandwich
Fried Eggplant (no)Fish Sandwich
January 27, 2021
Sherri’s Black Bean Vegan Burger
January 26, 2021
Paige's finished vegan burger
The Butcher Shop Vegan Burger
January 26, 2021
Banana-Ginger Pancakes
January 26, 2021
Source: Get Healthy, Go Vegan by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Robyn Webb These delightfully spiced pancakes are full of flavor and are a hearty option for breakfast or brunch.
21 day vegan kickstart plated zucchini noodles
Zucchini Noodles with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce
January 26, 2021
Source: 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Jason Wyrick of Vegan Culinary Experience. Simple and fresh, this dish is perfect for lunch! For extra staying power, drain and rinse a can of white beans to toss into this dish. Serve with warm whole-grain bread on the side.
plated high protein vegan breakfast
High Protein Tofu, Kale, and Veggie Breakfast
January 24, 2021
Pita Pizza
Pita Pizzas
January 23, 2021
This recipe has a savory flavor from the hummus, which makes an excellent alternative to cheese.
Raspberry Fudgy Brownies
January 23, 2021
Source: The Vegan Starter Kit by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Christine Waltermyer
A brownie made with beans? You bet! The beans add fiber, calcium, and protein, making these brownies a nutritious indulgence.
Breakfast Sweet Potato Pudding
January 23, 2021
For a quick and nutritious breakfast, this sweet potato pudding is the perfect choice. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, which will keep you full throughout the morning.
Oats do not contain gluten but can be manufactured in a facility with gluten. For severe allergies, it’s best to buy oats with a gluten free label.
About the Source: Turn Off the Fat Genes by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Jennifer Raymond MS, Recipe
Berries and Nondairy Plain Yogurt
January 20, 2021
Boost your brain health with berry-topped soy, almond, or coconut yogurt.
Nutrient information varies based on quantity eaten.
Indian Cashew Curry
Indian Cashew Curry “Navratan Kurma”
January 20, 2021
Source: Recipe by Nandita Shah
This recipe gets its flavors from a variety of spices! Serve with brown rice.
white bean dip
Irresistible White Bean Dip
January 20, 2021
Source: Dr. Neal Barnard’s Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Dreena Burton
The combination of miso, black salt, and nutritional yeast makes this recipe irresistible! Serve for lunch with whole-grain crackers and vegetables.
Prepare this recipe in just minutes using a food processor or high-powered blender.
Opt for gluten-free crackers if you are following a gluten-free diet.
21 day vegan kickstart stuffed peppers
Stuffed Peppers with Squash, Black Beans, and Rice
January 20, 2021
This flavorful dish is rich in fiber, protein, and vitamin C!
Colorful Corn Salsa
January 19, 2021
Source: The Survivor’s Handbook: Eating Right for Cancer Survival by Neal Barnard, MD, and Jennifer Reilly, RD This nutrient-packed salsa is rich in fiber, lycopene, and other antioxidants. Pair it with baked chips or vegetables. About the Recipe
Kendra Julian, RN BSN
Chickpea Tacos
January 19, 2021
Source: The Cheese Trap by Neal Barnard, M.D.; recipe by Dreena BurtonServe this mildly spicy taco filling in taco shells with lettuce and other fresh veggies like chopped tomatoes, jicama, or cucumber. Or make it a taco bowl with the filling and toppings over rice.
Optionally serve with gluten-free taco shells if you are following a gluten-free diet.
sweet potatoes and chickpeas
Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas in Chili Sauce
January 17, 2021
21 day vegan kickstart overnight oats
Gwyn’s Steel Cut Oats
January 17, 2021
21 day vegan kickstart strawberry chia pudding
Strawberry Chia Pudding
January 16, 2021
Do not use a nut-based milk. Opt for soy or coconut.
Source: Dr. Neal Barnard’s Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Dreena BurtonThis pudding is made with strawberries, chia seeds, and nondairy milk, which combine for a healthy and tasty treat!
Red Beans and Rice
Red Beans and Rice with Collard Greens
January 16, 2021
Source: 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Jason Wyrick of the Vegan Culinary Experience A New Orleans staple, this recipe incorporates the nutrients and texture of collard greens.
21 day vegan kickstart breakfast tofu scramble
Breakfast Tofu Scramble
January 16, 2021
Extra-firm tofu, when crumbled, has a scrambled egg texture and, when paired with turmeric, a bit of an egg-like flavor, without any added cholesterol. Tofu is rich in plant-based protein and may even protect against certain types of cancer!
Costa Rican Rice and Beans
Costa Rican Rice and Beans (Gallo Pinto)
January 15, 2021
Source: 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, by Neal Barnard, M.D.; recipe by Jason Wyrick of the Vegan Culinary Experience This Costa Rican dish, named Gallo Pinto (which translates to “Painted Rooster”), is a flavorful take on a classic rice-and-beans dish! This dish is enhanced by a sofrito, another Latin cuisine classic, made from onion, bell pepper, and garlic.
21 day vegan kickstart fruited breakfast quinoa
Fruited Breakfast Quinoa
January 15, 2021
Source: Foods That Fight Pain by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Jennifer Raymond, MS, RD Quinoa is a highly nutritious grain that was a staple in the diet of the ancient Incas. It has a delicious flavor and a light, fluffy texture.
spaghetti al pisto
Spaghetti al Pisto
January 15, 2021
Source: Dora Stone, chef and photographer, founder of and This recipe is based on a traditional Spanish dish featuring a tomato, pepper, and vegetable stew. Serve over spaghetti.  Be sure to choose a gluten-free spaghetti if you are following a gluten-free diet.
Easy Bean Salad – Dressing
January 14, 2021
Recipe by Sharon McRae
Plated Bean Salad
Easy Bean Salad
January 14, 2021
This traditional bean salad is easy to make and keeps well. Serve it with a tortilla, extra corn, brown rice, or quinoa for more fiber-packed whole grains. You can also serve it over a bed of leafy greens.
The finished pizza hummus
Pizza Hummus
January 14, 2021
 use this to top Ezekiel Sprouted Grain English Muffins, along with tomato sauce (salt-, sugar-, oil-free), more nutritional yeast, mushrooms, and spinach; bake it at 350° for about 10-15 minutes, and it tastes like pizza!!
Author: Sharon McRae
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Vegan
cucumbers and pears
Pear and Cucumber Slices
January 14, 2021
Pears, an excellent source of fiber, and cucumbers, which are 95 percent water, will help you fight hunger while staying hydrated. Nutrient information varies with the quantity eaten. Enjoy as much as you'd like until you're satisfied!
21 day vegan kickstart vegan tempeh sloppy joe
Tempeh Sloppy Joes
January 14, 2021
Source: Adapted from The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook by Neal Barnard, M.D.; recipe by Robyn WebbThis recipe features tempeh, a high-protein meat alternative made from soybeans!
You can substitute faux meat crumbles, textured vegetable protein (TVP), or even lentils in this recipe.
21 day kickstart vegetable lo mein
Vegetable Lo Mein
January 14, 2021
Source: The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Robyn Webb Enjoy this colorful, vegetable-packed lo mein for dinner!
Plated Breakfast Potatoes
Breakfast Potatoes
January 14, 2021
These potatoes are the perfect comfort food for breakfast or brunch! Bulk this dish up with tempeh—facon bacon is a good pick. You can also serve this over corn or grits. Pair with fruit. Not all soy sauces are gluten free, so check the label. Tamari is usually safe.
Mango and lime sorbet 21 day vegan kickstart
Mango Lime Sorbet
January 13, 2021
Source: 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Jason Wyrick of Vegan Culinary Experience This dessert is a silky smooth sorbet inspired by the lush flavors of Thailand.
21 day vegan kickstart finished sweet potato and black bean burrito
Sweet potatoes & Black Bean Burritos with Salsa Fresca
January 13, 2021
These burritos make for a quick and filling lunch! The black beans in this dish add protein and fiber. If you follow a gluten-free diet, opt for a 100 percent corn tortilla. Double-check the veggie broth to make sure it doesn’t contain gluten.
21 day vegan kickstart overnight berry oats
Berry Overnight Oats
January 13, 2021
Source: Dr. Neal Barnard's Cookbook for Reversing Diabetes by Neal Barnard, MD; recipe by Dreena Burton This dish is perfect for a quick breakfast or a satisfying afternoon or evening snack. Frozen berries add a boost of flavor and color to the overnight oats. Berries are full of antioxidants that can help keep your heart healthy. Oats do not contain gluten but can be manufactured in a facility with gluten. For severe allergies, it’s best to buy oats with a gluten-free label.
21 day vegan kickstart Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
January 13, 2021
Source: The Survivor’s Handbook: Eating Right for Cancer Survival by Neal Barnard, MD, and Jennifer Reilly, RD
When consumed in moderation, this is a healthier version of the high-fat, high-calorie French delicacy.
21 day kickstart kale and grain bowl
Kale and Grains Bowl
January 13, 2021
Once you start making salad bowls, you'll fall in love with them! Here's one to get you started. Feel free to substitute other vegetables, beans, or grains as you desire.
The plated Lentil and Cucumber Salad
Lentil Cucumber Salad
January 9, 2021
This colorful lentil salad is easy to make and packed with protein and fiber! Pair it with whole-grain pita and fruit.
21 day vegan kickstart portobello mushroom burger
Perfect Portobello Burger
January 9, 2021
This burger has it all: heartiness from the portobellos, smokiness from the paprika, sweet tanginess from the balsamic vinegar, and a rich lushness from the roasted red pepper. For an extra protein punch, spread garlicky hummus on one side of the bun.
21 day vegan kickstart both finished recipes
Sweet Potato Hash
January 8, 2021
Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, fiber, and potassium.  If you follow a gluten-free diet, double check the veggie broth to make sure it doesn’t contain gluten.
21 day vegan kickstart both finished recipes
Facon Bacon
January 8, 2021
Source: Rising Flour Café, Asheville, N.C.; published in The Best in the World, edited by Neal Barnard, MD
Tempeh comes from fermented soybeans. It has a great texture and is very versatile. Find it in the refrigerated section near the produce. Tempeh is a high-protein alternative to meat.
Not all soy sauces are gluten-free, so check the label. Tamari is usually safe.Feel free to substitute other vegetables, beans, or grains as you desire.
21 day vegan kickstart vegan pita pizza
Pita Pizzas
January 8, 2021
This recipe has a savory flavor from the hummus, which makes an excellent alternative to cheese.
21 day vegan kickstart finished Quinoa and Black Bean Salad.
Quinoa and Red Bean Salad
January 8, 2021
This recipe is filled with healthy, plant-based protein!
21 day vegan kickstart black bean and mango salad
Mango Black Bean Salad
January 5, 2021
To make this easy-to-prepare salad more filling, try it tucked into a whole-grain tortilla with spinach or your favorite leafy green.
Balsamic Zucchini Sandwich
Balsamic Zucchini Sandwich
January 5, 2021
This quick sandwich combines the flavors of fresh zucchini sautéed in balsamic vinegar with the creaminess of roasted red pepper and cannellini bean spread.
PCRM21 day vegan kickstart day 3 pineapple citrus green smoothie
Pineapple Citrus Green Smoothie
January 4, 2021
Start your day off strong with a green smoothie!
The plated sweet potatoes and chickpeas in chili sauce
Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas in Chili Sauce
January 4, 2021
This dish is both flavorful and filling! Plus, it's packed with disease-fighting antioxidants.
PCRM Ambrosia recipe
PCRM's Ambrosia Recipe
January 3, 2021
This fruit-sweetened snack will not only satisfy a sweet tooth but will also provide healthy antioxidants.
PCRM ten minute stir fry
PCRM's Ten Minute Stir Fry Vegetables
January 3, 2021
Prepare the rice in advance, and you will have this stir-fry ready in about 10 minutes! Top with pre-marinated, baked tofu for an optional protein and calcium boost! This recipe features a variety of different colored vegetables, which are packed with antioxidants that keep you healthy.
The plated hummus and sun-dried tomato wrap
Hummus and Sun-Dried Tomato Wrap
January 2, 2021
Hummus is made from chickpeas, which are low in fat and calories, but packed with protein and fiber!
easy vegan recipes: Finished baked oatmeal cups
Baked Oatmeal Cups
January 2, 2021
Oatmeal is packed with fiber, which can help lower cholesterol and improve digestion. Oats do not contain gluten but can be manufactured in a facility with gluten. For severe allergies, it’s best to buy oats with a gluten-free label.
vegan eggplant marinara stacks
Vegan Eggplant Marinara Stacks By Chef Katie Mae
January 1, 2021
vegan nachos
December 31, 2020
Tonia and her stuffed acorn squash
Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash
December 30, 2020
December 29, 2020
Roasted chickpeas and sesame seed chutney
December 29, 2020
Potato Masala
December 29, 2020
vegan Japanese pancake
Vegan Japanese Pancake
December 27, 2020
easy vegan breakfast
Tutti Frutti Vegan Oatmeal Dessert
December 26, 2020
creamy vegan mac and cheese
Vegan Mac and Cheese (Healthy Version)
December 26, 2020
vegan shortbread cookies
Vegan Icing
December 24, 2020
Vegan Shortbread Cookies For The Holidays
December 24, 2020
This finished vegan tostadas
Vegan Tostada
December 24, 2020
December 22, 2020
finished raw vegan drinks
Raw Vegan NUT NOG
December 22, 2020
Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers
December 21, 2020
The finished vegan stew
Vegan Stew With Vegetables and Oats
December 20, 2020
Tonia and her vegan casserole
Buffalo Chickpea and Rice Cauliflower Vegan Casserole
December 16, 2020
vegan squash soup
Vegan Squash Soup
December 15, 2020
Holiday Overnight Oats
December 15, 2020
The finished far east veggie soup
December 15, 2020
vegan burger recipe
Vegan Burger Recipe: Chickpea Burger
December 13, 2020
vegan mushroom tacos
Roasted Mushroom Sweet Corn Bell Pepper Tacos
December 11, 2020
easy vegan dessert
No-Bake Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bars
December 10, 2020
These fudgy, chocolate and peanut butter layered bars are irresistible! They come together quickly on the stovetop and require no baking. The worst part of this recipe is waiting for them to chill so you can eat them!
Easy Breezy Smoothie
December 9, 2020
Vegan Cream Sauce
December 9, 2020
eating vegan is easy
Rice and Bean Bowl
December 9, 2020
vegan white sauce
Plant-Based Béchamel White Sauce
December 9, 2020
Classic béchamel sauce combines fat (butter) with starch (white flour) and milk, but you will find none of those ingredients in my plant-based kitchen. Instead, we can create a smooth and creamy white sauce with a silky texture and delicate flavor that’s super fast and simple to make. Without nuts or tofu or avocado either, this sauce is very low in fat. It's my go-to for pasta dishes and to serve over blanched veggies and potatoes.  It’s great on its own, but this plant-based béchamel also is a team player: There are infinite ways to combine it with other puréed veggies to make other delectable variations. The only limitation is our imagination!
vegan sugar butter cookies
Vegan Sugar-Butter Cookie
December 6, 2020
December 5, 2020
vegan banana bread muffins
December 5, 2020
easy vegan meals avocado tempeh toast
Tempeh Avocado Toast
December 4, 2020
easy vegan meals tofu scramble
Tofu Scramble
December 4, 2020
portobello pizza
Easy Weeknight Stuffed Portobello Pizzas
December 4, 2020
Is it a stuffed mushroom or a pizza? It’s both! This winning combination of meaty portobellos, creamy tofu ricotta, and tomato sauce has all the makings of an easy weeknight dinner sure to please eaters of every kind. And there are lots of reasons why you want portobellos on your plate. They’re good for you, easy to find, and provide valuable plant-based protein! Invite your friends to add pizzazz to these portobello pizzas by using their favorite toppings. And don’t worry if you’re spotted using a knife and fork to eat this pizza, it’s so hearty and plump, there’s really no other way.
vegan butterscotch haystacks
December 3, 2020
Broccolini ingredients
Roasted Dijon Maple Broccolini
December 3, 2020
cashew mayo ingredients
Tofu Cashew Mayo
December 3, 2020
pasta penne
Creamy Penne Pasta
December 3, 2020
Recipes by Tracy Childs
vegan alfredo sauce
Vegan Alfredo Sauce + Pesto + Pasta!
December 1, 2020
vegan fish filet sandwich
November 29, 2020
November 27, 2020
You don’t need alcohol to have a festive good time; this drink makes a delicious mocktail for the holidays or anytime you can find fresh cranberries.
November 27, 2020
Hannah yams are unparalleled for their subtle vanilla flavor and creaminess. Do your best to try to find them. Then roast a whole bunch, peel, and cool and freeze them for future recipes. They provide richness and creaminess without using nuts.
November 27, 2020
(Raw) Why cook your relish or use sugar when you can make this instead?
November 27, 2020
Inspired by the daily breakfast of Cooking Instructor and Certified Health Coach, Sharon McRae, all of these ingredients are easily found at Trader Joe’s, but if you don’t have one near you, you can find them at your local store too! Reminiscent of pizza, kale never tasted so good!
Waldorf salad
Vegan Waldorf Salad
November 25, 2020
vegan mac and cheese
Southern Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese
November 24, 2020
vegan turkey soy curls
Turkey Friendly Gravy
November 23, 2020
Poultry-Free Poultry Seasoning
November 23, 2020
vegan turkey soy curls
November 23, 2020
vegan thanksgiving sweet potato shepherd's pie
Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie
November 22, 2020
Raw spinach ravioli
Raw Spinach Stuffed Ravioli with Raw Marinara Sauce
November 22, 2020
There’s no pasta in this ravioli. No cooking, either. These ravioli are excellent served with the Raw Marinara Sauce (below) or with just a drizzle of olive oil.
Super salad
VeggiDome Super Salad
November 20, 2020
mini pies for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Hand Pies
November 19, 2020
Oh, the joy of eating vegan! These scrumptious hand pies were inspired by the desire to get a mouthful of Thanksgiving flavors into one delicious bite. I used tempeh to create succulent nut-covered cutlets as the base then added creamy sweet potatoes and tart cranberry sauce to round out the holiday flavors. And because our holiday may look different this year due to COVID, I wanted to make something that could be both elegant but could also be served more casually–that's where the puff pastry comes in! All of the elements of a meal are wrapped up into a neat little pocket that can be eaten with a knife and fork or with your hands. The caramelized onions are really not to be missed in this dish, but even without them, you'll delight in every bite. The key to making the onions is "low and slow": low heat and slow cooking, about 40 minutes. Make them a day or two in advance and you'll be glad you did. If you don't need 6 hand pies, make them anyway. Pop them in the toaster oven the next day or freeze for an easy meal during a busy season.
black bean burger
Vegan Black Bean Burger
November 17, 2020
oyster mushrooms
Sriracha (Charred) Oyster Mushrooms & Skillet Potatoes
November 17, 2020
vegan grilled cheese ingredients
Gooey Vegan Grilled Cheese
November 17, 2020
pumpkin pasta sauce over penne
Pumpkin Sage Sauce over Penne Pasta
November 14, 2020
vegan quiche
Vegan Eggless Quiche
November 13, 2020
vegan pancakes
Veganza Vegan Pancakes Recipe
November 12, 2020
coconut curry
Creamy Spinach & Mushroom Coconut Curry 🥥
November 11, 2020
Vegan Fish
November 11, 2020
vegan fish and chips recipe
"chips" (fries)
November 11, 2020
vegan green bean casserole
Vegan Green Bean Casserole
November 9, 2020
November 7, 2020
Thai Kelp Noodles
Thai Kelp Noodles
November 5, 2020
by Vegan Health Educator/Coach/Chef Abby Lodmer
apple pie bites
Easy Mini Apple Pie Bites (makes about 32 bites)
November 5, 2020
These bites are easy to make using a food processor and make the perfect sweet treat to bring along to a holiday party. They taste like fresh apple pie without the fuss and crust!
vegan cream of spinach soup
Cream of Spinach Soup
November 5, 2020
Adapted by Tracy Childs from a recipe by Here’s a super simple and fast, pantry-friendly soup you can get on the table in around 15 minutes. The beans are a great addition to make a more filling soup.
Cajun Fries
Cajun Fries
November 4, 2020
vegan pate on salad
Vegan Seed Pate
November 4, 2020
Chandra Lee
Pomegranate Strawberry Cardamon Smoothie
November 3, 2020
Quinoa Recipe
Going For The Gold Quinoa Recipe
November 1, 2020
by Ellen Kanner The tropical flavors and layers of texture in this golden main course make your mouth happy, but there’s more than fun on the plate. Quinoa offers fiber and protein, turmeric and cumin are anti-inflammatory, mango and lime add a zip of vitamin C. It’s a delicious prescription to keep your immunity strong.
easy halloween treats
November 1, 2020
easy halloween treats
November 1, 2020
Mochi Bread
Banana chocolate chip mochi Bread
October 31, 2020
pumpkin pie smoothie
Pumpkin pie smoothie
October 31, 2020
vegan fried fish
Vegan Fried Fish
October 29, 2020
vegan fried fish
Sautéed Greens(vegan)
October 29, 2020
vegan quiche
October 28, 2020
vegan quiche
Vegan Quiche Recipe "Junky" Quiche:
October 28, 2020
Charcoal Lemonade
Charcoal Lemonade
October 28, 2020
By: Stephie "The Superfood Goddess" (Makes 1 serving)
Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
Butternut Squash Soup
October 28, 2020
By: Stephie "The Superfood Goddess" (Makes 6 small servings)
vegan pizza
Vegan Pizza:
October 26, 2020
Spinach Artichoke Dip
October 26, 2020
Tomato Basil Salad
October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020
vegan spring roll recipe
October 25, 2020
October 22, 2020
Eggplant Rollatini
Vegan Eggplant Rollatini
October 21, 2020
vegan mashed potatoes
Vegan Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy
October 20, 2020
curried lentil pilaf
Curried Lentil Pilaf
October 20, 2020
This is a festive dish that is so easy to make and can be made for every day or even a holiday meal! It can also be used as a great stuffing for roasted delicata or acorn squash.
Side Salad
October 19, 2020
vegan bowl with beets
Vegan Bowl with Beets
October 19, 2020
fried avocado tacos
Fried Avocado Tacos
October 17, 2020
vegan burrito
Vegan Burrito (Spinach)
October 17, 2020
Vegan Egg Salad
October 16, 2020
vegan tuna salad
Vegan Tuna Salad (un-tuna salad)
October 16, 2020
pumpkin pie bites
Pumpkin Pie Bites
October 16, 2020
vegan swedish meatballs
Vegan Swedish Meatballs and Gravy
October 16, 2020
There are so many ways to make a vegan meatball. Lentils, mushrooms, nuts, seitan, or tempeh–any of these ingredients make for a delicious and healthy, meat-free meatball. In this recipe, we use eggplant and white beans to introduce yet another way to enjoy a more compassionate version of a classic favorite. The distinction between Italian-style and Swedish meatballs is mainly in the sauce. Italian meatballs are served in a tangy tomato sauce whereas Swedish meatballs are finished in a rich gravy made with sour cream or plain yogurt. The Swedish version tends to be a milder, gentler comfort dish, perfect to cozy up to on a cold winter’s night. As the Swedes say, there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes, so as a nod to their origin, our Swedish meatballs have a heavy coat of breadcrumbs. We like the way it helps them stand up to the luscious, rich gravy–and maybe it keeps them warm, too. To serve, you can choose to go with classic pairings like mashed potatoes or noodles, or try a lighter approach and use spiralized zucchini (raw or quickly satuéed in a pan), a great idea from one of our recipe testers. This recipe makes a large batch, perfect for a gathering of friends and family.
fried quinoa
ChauFa de Quinoa (Fried Quinoa)
October 14, 2020
Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe
Brazilian Vegan Cheese Bread Recipe
October 14, 2020
Caramel Brownies
Vegan Lentil Caramel Brownies
October 14, 2020
vegan cheese sticks
Air Fryer Cheese Sticks!
October 14, 2020
polenta pizza
Vegan Polenta Pizza
October 11, 2020
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
October 11, 2020
jackfruit recipes fried jackfruit balls
Jackfruit Recipes: Fried Jackfruit Balls
October 11, 2020
vegan milkshake ingredients
October 8, 2020
lentil recipe
Lentil Recipe: Lentils Provençales
October 6, 2020
chickpea flatbread
Chickpea Flatbread with Savory Coconut Jerky Bacon, Kale & Sweet Onion
October 5, 2020
Kenziah and his ingredients
Red Velvet Milkshakes
October 5, 2020
vegan pumpkin muffins
Vegan Halloween Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins
October 5, 2020
curry lentils
Burmese Creamy Lemongrass Curry Lentils
October 5, 2020
This Lentil Curry recipe, with a creamy lemongrass twist is the perfect Fall recipe. It is filling, and full of nutrients, with the perfect flavor.
eggplant recipe
Eggplant Royale Recipe
October 3, 2020
vegan meatballs and pasta
Sweet Vegan Meatballs and Chickpea Pasta
October 2, 2020
Vegan Spring Rolls
October 2, 2020
coconut curry lentil soup
Coconut Curry Soup With Lentils
September 29, 2020
vegan browniws
Double Chocolate Vegan Brownies
September 27, 2020
Fried Cauliflower
Chick’n Fried Cauliflower, Spicy Noodles, and Collard Greens
September 27, 2020
breakfast cookies
Super Easy Breakfast Cookies
September 26, 2020
ingredients vegan coleslaw
Vegan Coleslaw
September 22, 2020
vegan pulled pork
Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwich
September 22, 2020
Easy Avocado Tahini Dressing
September 21, 2020
mushroom walnut tacos
Mushroom Tacos with Walnuts
September 21, 2020
This easy and flavor-packed Mushroom Walnut Vegan Taco Meat will cook up in about 15 minutes of your time and requires simple ingredients that you might already have on hand! Plus, it is both vegan and gluten-free!
vegan alfredo
Artichoke Vegan Alfredo Pasta
September 21, 2020
dragon fruit plant smoothie
Dragon Fruit Smoothie
September 17, 2020
Refried Beans in an Instant Pot.
September 17, 2020
vegan enchiladas
Vegan Enchiladas
September 17, 2020
BBQ Baked Beans
BBQ Baked Beans
September 13, 2020
meatless meatballs
Meatless Meatballs: Shroom Neatballs & Stringed Zucchini
September 13, 2020
vegan Koshary dish
September 12, 2020
Tonia's pumpkin vegan cookies
Pumpkin Vegan Cookies
September 11, 2020
lentil burger
UnBEETable Lentil Burger
September 11, 2020
vegan mexican food-tostadas
Vegan Mexican Food- Tostadas with Quinoa Chorizo & Chipotle Crema
September 7, 2020
vegan Cauliflower Leaf Taco Bowl
Taco Bowl With Cauliflower Leaves
September 6, 2020
vegan eggs (eggless egg bites)
Vegan Eggs (eggless egg bites)
September 5, 2020
vegan chicken salad sandwich
Vegan Chikn’ Salad
September 4, 2020
vegan burger
Vegan Burger: Paiges Beyond Meat In N' Out Burger
September 4, 2020
vegan waffles
Vegan Waffles: Cheesy Chickpea Waffles
September 4, 2020
vegan ground beef crumble
Vegan Ground Beef Zucchini Crumble
September 2, 2020
Vegan Gyros
August 30, 2020
vegan s'mores coconut ice cream dessert with chocolate sauce.
S’Mores Sundae
August 30, 2020
vegan s'mores coconut ice cream dessert with chocolate sauce.
S'mores Vegan Chocolate Syrup
August 30, 2020
veggie burger recipe
Veggie Burger Recipe: UnBEETable Chickpea Burger
August 27, 2020
vegan french toast
Vegan French Toast Stuffed With PB&J
August 25, 2020
finished vegan crab cakes
Vegan Crab Cakes
August 25, 2020
buffalo wings recipe (vegan)
Buffalo Wings Recipe (vegan)
August 23, 2020
Veggie Burger Recipe (Peruvian Red Bean Burger)
August 22, 2020
Patty Melt (Italian and Vegan)
August 20, 2020
vegan Italian rice salad
Italian Rice Salad
August 18, 2020
Tofu Piccata
Tofu Piccata
August 16, 2020
vegan stuffed shells
Stuffed Pasta Shells
August 16, 2020
You can have stuffed pasta shells that are vegan. And they are delicious. Give this simple recipe a try and it is sure to become a family favorite!
Veggie Sauce for Tacos
August 15, 2020
August 15, 2020
neat tacos
Vegan "Neat" Tacos
August 15, 2020
vegan just scramble
Just Scramble
August 15, 2020
vegan quiche
Mini Quiche
August 15, 2020
vegan falafel sandwich and fries
Falafel sliders with no-oil fries
August 14, 2020
BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches
August 14, 2020
Dill Pickles
August 14, 2020
nice cream
Vegan Banana Nice Cream
August 11, 2020
vegan ground beet taco bowl
Ground Beet Taco Bowl with Passionfruit Dressing
August 11, 2020
A cruelty free and delicious vegan taco bowl made with ground beet instead of ground beef. It is full of falvor and nutrients and super simple to make.
vegan fried oyster slider
Fried Oyster Mushroom Sliders
August 9, 2020
garbanzo bean salad
Garbanzo Bean Salad
August 8, 2020
Tofu Quiche With Veggies!
August 6, 2020
vegan shrimp scampi pasta
Vegan Shrimp Scampi
August 2, 2020
coconut and raison vegan truffles
Vegan Coconut and Raisin Truffles (NO COOK)
July 30, 2020
creamy mushroom sauce
'Plant-based Ají de Gallina'
July 30, 2020
A tasty Peruvian recipe that uses a delicious creamy vegan mushroom sauce.
vegan banana bread
July 29, 2020
Thai Spice Rainbow Rice
July 29, 2020
A simple vegan Thai recipe anyone can make. It is full of color and flavor, and is a super filling dish.
jicama tacos
Black Bean & Corn Jicama Tacos with homemade Chipotle Sauce
July 26, 2020
Transform your taco experience by using these tasty Jicama Wraps from Trader Joes.
vegan Green Goddess Dressing
Creamy Green Goodness Dressing/Sauce
July 26, 2020
Recipe by Tracy Childs
You’d never guess that something so green would be so full of flavor and be so delicious. The zucchini in this sauce replaces any oil, while stretching the dressing further. It makes it a super creamy base to compliment all of the flavorful additions. Feel free to play around with this concept and add your favorite flavors to change up from day-to-day!
One Pot Mexican Quinoa Bowl (Instant Pot Adaptation)
July 26, 2020
This is a delicious, quick, and easy dish you can make in minutes using ingredients stocked in your freezer and pantry. In the Instant Pot, 6 qt. Author: Sharon McRae
vegan Tex Mex.
Tex-Mex Casserole
July 24, 2020
cucumber salad
Cucumber Salad
July 24, 2020
Green smoothie
July 24, 2020
A simple healthy green smoothie toi help jump start your weight loss goals.
'Ají de Soya'
July 24, 2020
vegan big mac salad
July 22, 2020
Try this vegan Big Mac salad for a burst of flavor and a but of nostalgia.
watermelon soup
Watermelon Soup
July 21, 2020
The perfect summer soup is watermelon soup. Easy to make and so refreshing.
vegan stuffed peppers
Vegan Rainbow Stuffed Peppers
July 21, 2020
vegan krab cheese wontons
July 15, 2020
A unique and delicious, simple vegan appetizer recipe.
vegan burger
'Split [chick]pea Vaconators'
July 15, 2020
finished vegan quiche
Vegetable Vegan Quiche
July 15, 2020
vegan coconut shrimp
Vegan Crispy Coconut Shrimp
July 12, 2020
vegan salad
Insanely Filling Superfood Salad
July 12, 2020
King Pulled Chickn’ Tacos
July 12, 2020
Tonia Carrier
July 8, 2020
summery salad
July 8, 2020
Cilantro Rice
July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020
Mindful Chic’n Salad
July 5, 2020
Superfood Acai Bowl
July 1, 2020
Tonia Carrier
Grape, Walnut, Faux Chicken, Celery Salad!
July 1, 2020
Spicy West African Kale, Sweet Potato, and Chickpea Curry
July 1, 2020
vegan pesto pasta salad
Protein-Packed Pesto Pasta Salad
June 28, 2020
Soyviche (Vegan Ceviche)
June 27, 2020
vegan sweet potato toast
June 26, 2020
vegan cake
June 26, 2020
vegan cheezy pasta
Paige’s Cheezy Pasta
June 24, 2020
Carrot Toona
Sherri Sheree’s Carrot Tuna
June 24, 2020
Vegan Gazpacho
June 24, 2020
Cashew and Blueberry Chia Pudding
June 18, 2020
vegan better than tuna
Better Than Tuna Salad
June 17, 2020
Paige’s Tasty Artichoke Dip
June 17, 2020
overnight oats
Superfood Instant Oats!
June 14, 2020
Sublime fruit salad
Sublime Summer Fruit Salad
June 13, 2020
Wasabi White Bean Salad
Wasabi White Bean Salad
June 13, 2020
Sara Paul
Beet Tahini Salad Dressing
June 12, 2020
vegan "Scmilk"
Aronia Berry Hemp Schmilk-
June 12, 2020
Easy Mexi-Cali Side Salad
June 11, 2020
vegan chicken lettuce wraps
Asian Vegan Chicken Lettuce Wraps
June 7, 2020
vegan sweet potato salad
Sweet Potato Salad
June 7, 2020
June 4, 2020
vegan shepherd's pie
Vegan Shepherd's Pie
June 4, 2020
vegan chicken tortilla soup
Vegan Chicken Tortilla Soup
May 31, 2020
Spicy Summer Salad - Kimchi Krazy!
May 29, 2020
Hawaiian-Style BBQ Tempeh
Hawaiian-Style BBQ Tempeh
May 29, 2020
vegan meatball marinara
May 28, 2020
DIY Mayo Recipe
May 27, 2020
Waldorf and Chickpea Salad
May 27, 2020