Vegan Eggs

JUST Egg and other vegan egg replacements

Plant-Based Eggs

People love to say, I could never give up eggs. Well, guess what, you don’t have to. Now, plant-based eggs taste just like the ones that come out of a hen… except the vegan egg variety have the added benefit of being 100% cholesterol-free. Chicken eggs are high cholesterol bombs and we know high cholesterol can lead to a host of preventable diseases like heart disease, America’s leading non-pandemic killer.  Just Egg is, far and away, the leader in the eggless egg space. Just Egg can be scrambled, turned into an omelet and added as a baking ingredient. Just Egg also makes an egg patty that can be whipped up and devoured in just an over an instant. The egg industry is wildly cruel. They don’t need the boy chicks. So, the boys are put on a conveyer belt and ground up alive right after birth… by the billions. The great news is… we now have an amazing alternative. So, here are some recipes that show you how to use vegan “eggs.”

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