Plant-Based Meats

While animal rights activists have been preaching the vegan message for eons, it took the wildly successful initial public offering of Beyond Meat stock in 2019  to get the respect of the mainstream media and the financial world. Face it. In our culture, money talks.  After its IPO became one of the most successful in over a decade, people who had ridiculed veganism were suddenly salivating over the BYND stock ticket and snapping up those Beyond Meat patties in the supermarket. Among the videos we offer is a tour of Beyond Meat’s El Segundo, California headquarters, conducted by the company’s charismatic CEO, Ethan Brown. Impossible Foods is another plant-based meat company led by another charismatic Brown, Pat Brown. When a financial TV reporter asked him about his competitor Beyond Meat, Pat Brown immediately corrected her. The Impossible head honcho said that his company has the same exact goals as Beyond Meat… to help the world evolve beyond animal agriculture. Hence, he said, they were not competitors, but collaborators in two different companies. That enlightened approach toward commerce is a hallmark of vegan brands because the essence of veganism is natural abundance and co-existence. At the very heart of the vegan philosophy is the belief that life is not a zero sum game. For me to win, you don’t have to lose. For me to eat, no animal has to die. There are so many other amazing plant-based meat brands. Now, you can have plant-based meat that even bleeds… if that’s your thing. Tofurky makes vegan turkeys that even Norman Rockwell would enjoy. Gardein has vegan fish and crab patties that taste so real, you’ll find yourself double-checking the ingredients. Just Egg has a plant-based egg that is every bit as good as one that comes in a shell, minus the cholesterol. We could go on and on. Instead, start shopping for a video to gobble up.

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