#JaneUnChained LIVE in New York, New York as NYCLASS, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and other animal advocates rally near Central Park! They demand that Arthur, a carriage horse involved in a terrifying car crash days ago, be retired to a waiting sanctuary! Industry critics say carriage horses don’t belong on busy, traffic filled streets and charge they have no protection from being sold to slaughter once they no longer pull carriages in NYC. NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio had vowed to end the carriage horse trade on the first day of his administration but has done nothing to get them off the streets. Carriage horse industry representatives are invited on any time. 

#LunchBreakLIVE with well known clinical nutritionist Mark Simon, making Enchilada Lasagna, all dairy-free and, therefore, cholesterol free! Mark is the founder of NORI – Nutritional Oncology Research Institute, which helps people battling cancer adopt the optimal diet for survival, namely a plant-based!

Two of America’s most astounding plant-based bodybuilders: Vegan Monk and CatFitness! They’re showing you how to make Arepas, a traditional street dish from Venezuela! Watch as they flex their vegan muscles in the kitch!