For decades, animals have been waiting patiently in line behind other marginalized groups fighting for their own rights. With women, African Americans and LGBTs having achieved major successes in their respective battles for equality and social justice, the nation is shifting its attention to the most marginalized and mistreated group of all — animals.  It is Their Turn.

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World Animal News was founded in 2013 by Model/Actress turned Philanthropist/Filmmaker Katie Cleary and is among the world’s leaders in news and information for animals around the globe. Located in Los Angeles, California we strive on bring you round the world breaking animal news as it happens. The site is updated everyday to keep you informed on how you can raise awareness and help save animals in your area. World Animals News focuses to increase awareness by educating the public to help protect and save wild, domestic and endangered species through our informative stories and action alerts.

COMPASSIONCHAMPSWITHOUTTAG.pngCompassion Champs seeks to educate audiences worldwide on the immense, widespread suffering of animals every year in our industrial food industry. We encourage a planet-friendly, health-centered and compassionate way of eating. Our goal is to create a global movement of athletes, champions and visionaries who believe compassion can coexist with their nutrition plan. We seek to inspire the next generation of Compassionate Champions to embrace the core values of mercy, kindness and empathy toward all living beings.