Did you know that many Halloween candies contain some scary ingredients? Ingredients like crushed beetles, animal bones, animal tissues, anal gland secretions, and more that may trick you into thinking your sweet treat is bewitched.

Here are some vegan friendly and vegan certifed snacks you can enjoy. After all, isn’t better to trick or treat knowing the tricks not on you!? Vegan certification means the product has been thoroughly audited and verified to be vegan, keeping the supply chain accountable. Even, “vegan” claims can be tricky when not certified as many colorings, sugars, and contents often contain animal contamination.

Nonetheless, here are some vegan certified and friendly treats you can enjoy. Trick or treat smart this Halloween season!


@huskorganics The Ultimate Popcorn with Superfood Ingredients🍿By Scottie Pippen.

@cosmoscreations Premium puffed corn🌽Non GMO, #GF and no kernels!

@allyallsfoods GF Jerky & Bacony Bits high in protein.

@veganmadness Woman Owned , Vegan Gourmet Desserts.

@eatnobull Delicious, plant-based, vegan oat ice cream that tastes like the real thing.

– @mydandies Vegan, Plant-Based, Kosher Marshmallows.


@swedishfish The #1 Fish Shaped Candy in the World.

– @airheadscandy 

– @skittles Follow the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.

– @sourpatchkids Sour, Sweet, Spooky.


Beveg International is the global leader for vegan certification, as is the first and only ISO accredited globally recognized vegan standard.