Imagine a world where all vegan products were consistently and accurately labeled, across all borders and product categories. This is the mission of BeVeg, who is bringing the first globally accredited, and therefore, recognized vegan label to the retail marketplace.

Carissa Kranz, BeVeg CEO and Founding attorney, and Ben Davis, VP of Content at Plant Based World, discuss at the Plant Based World Conference Expo the importance of trustworthy “free from animal material” labeling and the opportunity it presents for retailers to better serve their shoppers along with the implications for the global supply chain.

BeVeg is the world’s first and only ISO 17065 accredited vegan standard, built as a conformity assessment program with ISO 17067 recognition, making it the most reliable benchmark for vegan claims on the global marketplace.

The importance of consistent, accurate and transparent vegan product labelling. Listen in to learn how you can increase sales and protect consumer interests with honest labeling.

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