Did you know there’s only one vegan restaurant in the country of Jordan?

Jane Unchained contributor and anchor, Carissa Kranz, travels to Amman to meet with the founder of the first Beveg Certified Vegan Restaurant in Jordan, Chef Sara Banna!

Carissa Kranz, Beveg CEO and Chef Sara Banna at Bayt Sara, the first Certified Vegan Restaurant in Jordan.

Born in Romania, Chef Sara grew up in Italy and moved to Jordan a few years back with her family. When she first founded Bayt Sara, it was an empty garage that she has since renovated to make a charming vegan hangout and tourist destination.

The cuisine served at Bayt Sara is a mix of Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Jordanian dishes. 80% of the ingredients are handmade in a dedicated vegan kitchen that is open and transparent with ingredient cleanliness.

Before opening, she was a bit nervous that the concept wouldn’t be popular in Amman.

Fast forward to today, you’ll find she has a nice following in Amman and the Middle East. They even have their own Facebook group: Vegans of Amman.

Bayt Sara is not just heroic in her cuisine but also in her rescue efforts. She’s started an initiative in the country to help rescue and spay the many homeless cats in her country.

Rescued Cats being fed outside the restaurant

To learn more about Sara and the Jewel of Jordan watch this episode of the Laws That Matter. Bayt Sara is a tourist destination for the vegan. Listen in as Sara tells us the secrets of how to see Egypt and Jordan as a vegan and enjoy the vegan experience. In fact, Jane Unchained Contributor Vanessa Marsot is taking her travel advice now, and you may have even seen the two on Jane Unchained a few weeks ago cooking up their travel plans during a lunch break live session.