Wicked Lab CEO, Kim Sun-kyung, created a natural nutritional supplement that can be eaten easily and comfortably, like candy. The Pink Gummy Bear is a familiar jelly type vitamin candy that deviates from the traditional pill form.

Pink Gummy Bears contain 10 different kinds of vitamins and minerals plus biotin, which makes this tasty chew good for your hair, skin, nails, and overall physical health. While most gummy products on the market contain gelatin (cows elbows, knees, pigs feet, horse hooves), this gummy vitamin is made of vegetable pectin, so vegans can also consume it. Pink Gummy excludes allergic ingredients such as genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, and sugar made from bone char. New types of inner beauty follow-up products are scheduled to be released this year, and plan to be applied for BeVeg vegan certification.

Wicked Lab underwent an on-site audit in Korea in accordance with the ISO accredited BeVeg standard by IGSC, an authorized certification body. The BeVeg vegan certification standard and trademark is considered the most reliable benchmark for vegan integrity in the global marketplace.