Katana Vegana, is the first food company in Chile to have gained the BeVeg vegan certification.

The Chilean brand has a wide variety of gourmet flavors of readymade frozen vegan burgers.

“It is a great step for our company to have obtained the prestigious vegan certification stamp of approval with BeVeg. We are very committed to transparency of process and products. We carefully selected all of our raw materials, so our customers can be 100% certain they are consuming a food free from animal contamination”, says Elo & Trini Katana Vegana Founders in a statement.

Katana Vegana burgers are high in protein and quinoa-based. Quinoa is considered a superfood with a high protein content. Other plant ingredients include legumes, vegetables and seeds. The brand boasts no additives or preservatives.

Katana Vegana is available online at www.katanavegana.cl, in stores and on Instagram (@ katana.vegana). The global vegan trademark by BeVeg is proudly placed on top of all packaging and boxes.

BeVeg is the global leader for vegan certification.  BeVeg audits the supply chain and facility processes and procedures to ensure the absence of cross-contamination. Katana Vegana is proudly made at a dedicated vegan facility where the policies and procedures are confirmed to have separate equipment, utensils, storage, and waste management controls in place to ensure vegan quality assurance and BeVeg vegan claim integrity.

BeVeg is the first and only accredited vegan standard in the world. BeVeg has achieved ISO 17065 for it’s vegan certification standard for products and services. BeVeg was accredited by the National Accreditation Center, who has confirmed BeVeg has built a conformity assessment program in alignment with ISO 17067, which global certification bodies may use and follow in a valiant effort to standardize global vegan claims.


Carissa Kranz, Esq. Beveg CEO Interviews  – Katana Vegana Founders – for Laws that Matter.