World’s leading vegan certification program, BeVeg, expands its physical presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia through AGFOCERT (AGFO).

Vegan is, not a diet, but a lifestyle built on a firmly held belief system that humans should co-exist with animals and not exploit them.

— Carissa Kranz, Esq., Founder and CEO of BeVeg

TURKEY, January 2, 2021 — AGFOCERT, a global certification body headquartered in Turkey, is considered one of the biggest certification bodies in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe, has officially adopted the BeVeg vegan standard and certification program. BeVeg International is the world’s leading vegan certification program, globally recognized on 6 continents, and to date boasts the only ISO 17065 accredited vegan standard in the world. The BeVeg vegan trademark is registered internationally under global trademark law.

AGFO, which stands for Assured Goals and Featured Operations, as well as Agriculture and Food Organization, was the first certification body to offer GLOBALGAP Aquaculture, ASC Farm and MSC CoC accreditations in Turkey. AGFO now offers BeVeg vegan certification as an add on or additional separate service to their robust auditing program. AGFO auditors are skilled and trained on ISO, BRC, IFS and now BEVEG certifications.

AGFO auditors are ISO trained and qualified to issue the BeVeg vegan logo and license in accordance with vegan safety standards and integrity as approved by the National Accreditation Center (NAC). NAC accredited the BeVeg vegan standard to ISO 17065 and 17067 and adopted the standard as a certification program that certification bodies can apply.

Through vegan certification, companies prove that the consumer-end product does not contain ingredients of animal origin through a series of inspections, document disclosures, factory inspections, and lab analysis. BeVeg demands no animal testing, as “vegan is, not a diet, but a lifestyle built on a firmly held belief system that humans should co-exist with animals and not exploit them,” says Carissa Kranz, attorney founder and CEO of BeVeg.

BeVeg International is the world’s first ISO 17065 accredited certification body in the field of vegan certification, and is the world’s only certification body that has acquired the prestigious accreditation of 17067 as a conformity assessment program. BeVeg International is managed by a law firm, the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, and is a standard drafted and managed by passionate vegan lawyers.

AGFO, the home of BeVeg Turkey’s physical office, is a one-stop shop certification body for industry expected audits for other prestigious programs like GLOBALGAP, BRC, IFS, and now BEVEG.