Do you look to buy products labeled vegan? Do you want a vegan claim you can trust? Look no further than the BeVeg global vegan trademark. BeVeg International, as a certification body managed by a law firm, defines a global vegan standard as an accredited conformity assessment program, in accordance with ISO 17065 and ISO 17067.

Why is this important? vegan claims on products are made loosely, inconsistently, and without oversight and regulation. If you see the word vegan on product labeling, it cannot be trusted. If you see “plant-based,” that does not mean vegan. Now, vegan claims can be held accountable to a UNIFORM global vegan standard that will forever change the way manufacturing facilities, retail chains, supply chains and consumers view and treat vegan.

“It is long overdue for vegan claims to be taken with the same level of seriousness as other food safety claims like gluten-free, non-gmo, kosher, BRC, GFSI, and the like. Consumers now have confidence that the product they are buying that is certified vegan by BeVeg is fully risk-assessed from the supply chain, production line, to packaging, which brings unprecedented credibility to vegan claims,” says Carissa Kranz, founding attorney and CEO of BeVeg International. Ms. Kranz is a vegan from birth, a prominent attorney in North America and regular national television legal expert.

“The BeVeg vegan standard ensures a global approach specific to vegan values, with focused content, specialized technical training, and applied techniques. Other certifications are of generic approach. This ultimately meets existing consumer expectations,” says Dave McGee, Chief Compliance Officer. Mr. McGee is educated in Food Science and Technology, a registered BRC/GFSI auditor in the U.K., and considered the leading (and perhaps only) vegan food safety consultant in the world.


ISO/IEC 17067:2013 describes the fundamentals of product certification and provides guidelines for understanding, developing, operating or maintaining certification schemes for products, processes, and services. It is intended for use by all with an interest in product certification as a conformity assessment program.

ISO/IEC 17065:2012 sets out the requirements for bodies certifying products, processes, and services as a conformity assessment.

Currently, the word vegan is not legally defined and vegan claims are not held accountable. BeVeg is managed by law firm, and the BeVeg vegan standard builds upon existing vegan expectations and certifications as the firm lobbies for vegan law globally, specifically vegan label law, under existing consumer protection laws.

The BeVeg vegan standard and accompanying global vegan trademark is available for certification bodies and auditors globally to be trained on. If you have a vegan product, you can make your claim official at

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