It’s the holidays, and there’s no denying that culture and tradition can make the holidays difficult to digest for the plant-based community. While many are in mourning over cruel cultural traditions, it can be a time to turn the tables. 

BeVeg attorneys and staff have prepared a list of the best mock meats for you to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering.  Not only do the animals thank you for spreading their gospel, but you may win over some new hearts and taste buds too. 


One of the first vegan options in the market that is a must for thanksgiving, Tofurkey has you covered with plant-based roast and gravy, roast and wild rice stuffing and even a plant-based holiday feast. 

And just to add more gravy on top of all, Tofurky just sold its 6-Millionth Roast and sales are up 22%!


Chick’n Bites by Plant Strength Performance

Winner winner chicken dinner! And this one for sure is a winner for the planet and your health.

The  recently launched plant-based meat which is gluten-free with only 6g of carbs and packed with 17g of protein per serving, and boasts no additives or preservatives. The bites are made out of soy flour, garlic, onion, salt, spices, sugar, and baking powder — all ingredients verified vegan and all ingredients you CAN pronounce.

Chick’n Bites recently certified vegan their new product with BeVeg International, the leading global vegan certification firm for vegan products and services, as accredited by ISO.



Gardein has become a very popular plant-based option, thanks in part to backing by celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen, known as the guy that cooked vegan food for Oprah.  


Mrs. Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli

This first vegan deli meat is totally unreal, not only by its flavor but also, because Unreal Deli was a Shark Tank, Mark Cuban sensation hitting the market stores shelves and restaurant chains with great success. 

The world’s finest deli meat is also certified vegan with the world’s first accredited vegan standard, BeVeg.


Beyond Meat

Beyond Burgers, beyond beef and beyond fried chicken. This vegan startup is totally going beyond. Sold nationwide in many different big fast-food chains like Carl’s Jr, KFC,  Pizza hut, to name some, they are certainly changing the meat industry. 


OZO by Planterra

Even the largest meat processing plant in the world knows the future is vegan. Ozo, owned by Planterra foods, recently launched a complete line of vegan meat products, from burgers to ground meat and taco meat, and more. OZO products are made with transparent, straightforward ingredients, pea protein, and no artificial ingredients or flavoring. OZO products are soy-free and were certified vegan by BeVeg International, in preparation for their national rollout and road tour.

Remind your loved ones that peace starts on your plate. Show them being vegan is not a cultural sacrifice but rather a tasty sensation that makes for a better party!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at BeVeg!