Halloween! It’s that time of year again…when sugar reigns! Sure, this year is a little different with fewer little ones roaming the neighborhoods causing a wild fright. Still, no need to let an opportunity for vegan candy pass us by.

And we all know children love animals and would be scared to death to learn that their favorite animals were actually ground up in their Halloween candy. That’s too gruesome even for Halloween. So don’t be a scary monster, feed your kids candy without the animal parts!

Elysabeth Alfano Halloween

With this in mind, we re-run correspondent Elysabeth Alfano’s list of Top 10 Vegan Candies. Delicious! Sweet and Vegan! Grab some vegan candy and tune in!

This video was taped prior to Covid, but it’s a timeless fun one from the vault! Scary Halloween cand and should be cruelty-free.

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Elysabeth Alfano